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Episode # 13105At the pub, Steve and Kayla have breakfast and she tells Steve today, Tripp’s shadowing her at work. Kay mentions she’s concerned Jade’s using Tripp to get to Joey and then Steve says he has a lead coming from New York concerning Sebastian Howard, the person responsible for buying out The Spectator. Kayla hopes it pans out. She goes.

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Tripp takes breakfast to Jade at the Horton square. She’s thankful he’s letting her live with him rent free. He says she’s been so helpful in him finding more out about his mom. They agree they’re similar in that they both have felt like they don’t fit in. Tripp asks her out. This comes as unexpected to Jade and she tells him she’s still in love with Joey and can’t give it up. Tripp shrugs it off. They’ll just be friends.

Maggie visits with Holly and Chloe at Salem Inn. They agree Holly has Daniel’s eyes. They’re both relieved to have her back. Maggie lets Chloe know that today’s Nicole’s sentencing.

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Eric visits Brady at the hospital and when Brady pumps him, he admits Nicole pled guilty for kidnapping Holly and today’s her sentencing.

Episode # 13105Justin meets Nicole at the SPD interrogation room. She’s worried about Brady but Justin reassures that Brady hasn’t relapsed. He tells her that Sonny’s plane has gone missing. She’s beside herself, sorry for Justin and concerned for all of those on the plane. Nic’s upset to learn Judge Duncan, who presided over her custody case is presiding in her kidnapping case. Brady calls Justin and asks to speak with Nicole. They talk about her sentencing and her fears of losing her kid, Brady, and her freedom. They say their I love yous and disconnect. Justin takes Nicole to the outer room and goes to take a call as Deimos shows up. A cop watches as Deimos compliments her beauty. She responds by telling him if she wasn’t busy, she’d kill him right now. Deimos insists he tried to move heaven and earth to save her and Holly but Nicole finds that laughable. Deimos says his offer to save her is still on the table but she’d rather rot in a cell for the rest of her life than spend another minute with him. Justin returns and asks Deimos to stay away from his client. Deimos taunts Nicole a bit about Duncan presiding and goes.

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Episode # 13105Eric drops by Salem Inn after Maggie has left. He tries to make Chloe understand why Nicole kidnapped Holly and asks her to make a statement at Nicole’s sentencing.

Tripp arrives at the hospital and he and Kayla begin her rounds. Kayla examines Brady and proclaims he’s not well enough to go to Nicole’s sentencing. Brady’s bummed but is glad Kayla cares. He tells Tripp he lucked out with such a wonderful family as the Brady clan. Kay and Tripp head to the hub where Kayla tells him how much the patients rely on a doctor on keeping their notes on their patients perfect. A look crosses Tripp’s face as he stares at Brady’s patient chart. Later, Steve arrives and Kayla tells him about her morning. Steve says he’s off to New York to track Sebastian Howard down.

Jade meets Steve at the pub. He asks how things are going. She has no complaints and is looking for a job. She tells him Tripp asked her out but she’s not letting go of Joey. Steve calls her love obsessive and says he’s been on the other side of those feelings and knows how bad things can go. Jade’s offended and takes off.

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Episode # 13105In Judge Duncan’s chambers, Nicole pleads guilty of kidnapping and says she did it out of love and doesn’t regret it. Duncan’s shocked. Nicole explains that her whole life she has longed to be a mama. There was no justice in her not being able to be with her daughter. She knows legally that what she did was wrong but how else was she supposed to be with her kid? Suddenly, Chloe walks in. She gives an impassioned speech about how good Nicole is and that grief caused her to kidnap Holly. Chloe can’t blame her and hopes Duncan will take that into consideration. Duncan weighs the factors and says she’s made a decision…

In the park, Deimos makes a call to someone about Xander, asking him to stick to their plan and Deimos will reward him for his loyalty and provide for him once he’s out. A goon meets him and Deimos says he needs to step up production on ‘the drug’. He plans on becoming more powerful than his enemies.

Tripp meets Jade at the park. He now knows how to make Kayla pay.

Eric returns to the hospital and updates Brady that he couldn’t get into the hearing but asked Chloe to make a statement.

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