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Chad-Gabi-ankle-Days-JJ On the island, Paul tries to reassure Sonny that it is only a matter of time before they are rescued, but Sonny is consumed with thoughts about Titan. Paul wonders if there is room in Sonny’s life for him, and walks off to find some food. Sonny thinks about better times with Paul. Later, Paul returns with fish, and Sonny apologizes for how he’s been acting. Paul sends Sonny off to find some lemons to use in cooking the fish. As Paul starts cleaning the fish he is bitten by a bug. He becomes sweaty and hallucinates that Sonny is calling to him. He wanders off and Sonny returns to find him gone. Elsewhere, Gabi and Chad kiss, but Gabi pulls back and tells him they can’t keep doing this. She suggests they focus on finding food and getting off this island. They leave to find food, but Chad quickly carries Gabi back to camp after she twists her ankle. Eli happens upon them as Chad is wrapping her ankle. Eli has been unable to fix the phone, so they have to wait until they are found. Gabi cries they could be dead by the time that happens. Eli points out their plane had a black box, and he hasn’t given up on the phone. Chad asks her not to give up, and heads off to continue looking for food. Eli confronts Gabi about her and Chad’s obvious feelings for one another. Chad returns and overhears Gabi admits he’s the one and she hasn’t been able to stop loving him. Eli makes himself scare, and Chad passionately kisses Gabi.

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Victor-warns-Deimos-Days-XJJ At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor accuses Deimos of hiring Xander and blames him for Brady almost dying. He wonders what else Deimos has done behind his back. Deimos defends himself, but Victor informs him that their truce is over and he won’t allow him to abuse his power or his family any longer. Deimos screams that his family started this, that Brady turned Nicole against him and Sonny and Paul schemed to make him look bad. Victor points out that Sonny was the only one who had Deimos’ number, and he will be the new CEO of Titan.

Hope-Rafe-station-worry-Days-XJJ Hope and Rafe work on the drug case at the station and identifying the candy man behind it all. Rafe gets a call from a worried Lucas, who hasn’t heard from Gabi. Rafe learns their plane never landed and frets. Hope suggests they go see Victor because it was his company jet.

At the apartment, Jade finds Claire checking her followers on social media and the numbers aren’t good. Jade reminds her she could always make a sex tape to gain popularity, but Claire refuses to do something so disgusting to Theo. Jade goes upstairs, and Theo returns home and surprises Claire with a room at the Salem Inn for the evening. He has an interview at a yogurt place for the summer, but will meet her there tonight. He leaves her the keycard, and she runs to pack some things. Jade returns after overhearing their plans and plots to help Claire and says, “She’ll thank me later.” She grabs the keycard and leaves. Claire returns ready to head out and wonders where the keycard has gone to.

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Hope and Rafe arrive at the Kiriakis mansion where Deimos and Victor continue to fight. Deimos says Sonny will crash and burn as the new CEO. Hope informs Victor that Sonny and the others never returned and they wanted to know if their plane filed a new schedule. Victor says they didn’t, and wonders if Deimos had anything to do with this given his statement about Sonny crashing and burning. Victor makes calls and finds out the plane disappeared off of radar and people have begun searching for them. Deimos swears he had nothing to do with this, but gloats over the fact that Sonny may never become CEO of Titan after all. Deimos walks out, and Victor regrets ever giving Deimos a second chance.

Theo-Claire-akward-smooch-Days-XJJ Jade slips into the room Theo rented at the Salem Inn and places a hidden camera in some plants. She daydreams that after the video is released Claire and Theo are thrilled because they are both famous now and have contracts and deals galore. Later, Theo arrives and Claire knocks on the door. He lets her in, and she explains she lost the key. Claire asks about the interview. Theo bombed it and didn’t get the job. She comforts him and says, “Who wants to work at a yogurt shop anyways.” They begin to kiss.

In Horton Square, Deimos places a call to someone and tells them to step up production and distribution of Halo. Elsewhere, Rafe worries Gabi may be dead. Hope tells him not to think that way.

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