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Episode # 13100In the square, Abigail wonders if she’s doing the right thing marrying Dario. Dario appears with a bag full of stuff for their room and asks if she told Chad about their upcoming marriage. She hasn’t, but mopes that he’s probably too busy with Gabi to care. Thomas fusses so Dario starts racing around with his carriage, making him laugh.

On the island, Gabi mutters to Chad about being stuck there with three of her ex-boyfriends. He goes fishing. Elsewhere, Lani tells JJ she didn’t get much sleep last night because she kept thinking something was out to get her – like the Smoke Monster from “Lost.” She hears a goat and JJ runs off, telling her to ‘hang tight’. Later, Chad returns from fishing with two fish. Gabi agrees to clean them but has trouble.Episode # 13100 “They’re looking at me,” she tells Chad. As she looks for the knife, she finds the amulet, and yells, “Chad?” He rushes up and she throws it at him, calling him a liar. They argue about whether or not it’s cursed and then make out. Elsewhere, Lani tries to meditate and hears a branch snap. She tackles the person behind her who turns out to be JJ. He has booze from the plane for her and some food. She wants to make love so he starts to comply when Lani’s head hits something hard in the sand. She digs it up. It’s a human skull. They’re disturbed and wonder where the rest of the body is.

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At the hospital, Valerie proclaims Brady healthy. Marlena thinks they’ve got to acknowledge that there’s more than science at play. They hug, happily. In Brady’s room, he can’t believe Nicole is really there in person. She’s the most beautiful thing he has seen in his life. They kiss. She fills him in on the police knowing that she’s there and says Eric’s fine, but they almost lost Brady until she placed Holly on his chest. She thinks Holly brought him back. Val interrupts, thrilled to see Brady awake and talking. He’s making a remarkable recovery. Nicole leaves while Val examines him. By the hub, Nic tells Rafe how well Brady’s doing. He can’t delay the inevitable and arrests her. Later, Marlena takes Chloe into a waiting room and appeals to her to think of Brady and stop all charges against Nicole.

Abigail lets Dario into her room at Martin House. The immigration agent will be there soon. She unpacks his clothing into her bureau as he goes to check on the club. Once he’s gone, she calls her uncle Justin to ask for information on a former Titan employee – Dario. She wants to know if his life would be in danger if he was deported. Dario returns and Abs vows not to abandon him. They go over their story and he toddles off to talk to Rafe. Abigail takes a nap and dreams Chad’s with her on her bed. She wakes up with a start.

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Rafe takes Nic to SPD and she gives him a statement. Rafe admits he doesn’t think they’ve enough to get Deimos, shocking Episode # 13100her by telling her that Guy is dead. Nic worries she’ll go to prison and lose her kid. Rafe says he wishes he could make the charges go away, just as Chloe appears. The detective gives them some space and Chloe starts to cry. She never thought she’d see Holly again. Outside, Dario’s waiting. He tells Rafe he’s engaged to Abigail. Rafe asks if this is a ploy to get closer to Abigail. Dario says she cares for him and asks him to go along with this for immigration. Rafe doesn’t want his bro to get deported but there must be another way. Back in the interrogation room, Chloe says she’s sorry and isn’t sure how they got to this place. Nicole reminds her and then hands over the baby, and cries her eyes out. Rafe reappears to take her to a holding cell and she sobs inconsolably in his arms.

Dario returns to Abigail’s place and she tells him she thinks something is wrong with Chad.

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