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Marlena comforts John in the hospital, as he talks about how helpless he feels knowing there is nothing more they can do for Brady. They return to his room. Nearby, as Jennifer distracts Val from examining Brady, Eric tries the same thing with Chloe. Meanwhile, in Brady’s room, Nicole talks to an unconscious Brady about their dreams of being a family. Episode # 13099She sobs and begs him not to make her say goodbye. He flatlines. Nicole places Holly on Brady’s chest, saying it’s time to say goodbye to Brady and Holly’s dad’s heart. Valerie, Jennifer, Eric and Chloe walk in and gawk, then upon seeing Brady, they tear up. Val scolds Jennifer for keeping her away from her patient. She asks Nic to get the baby off his chest. Marlena and John appear and John begs Val to do something but she can’t due to Brady’s DNR. Chloe quietly asks Nic to give her Holly. She doesn’t and then Brady’s heart starts beating again. Everyone’s in shock. Nicole attributes the miracle to Daniel’s heart responding to Holly.

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Lucas arrives at the pub to meet Adrienne. He’s frustrated that they can’t spend the day together because he has to work. They agree to meet later for a picnic in the park. Lucas goes and Kayla and Steve approach. Steve can see something is on his sister’s mind. She admits it’s embarrassing but when she and Jenn bought the Spectator they took out a loan. The bank sold the loan to Sebastian Howard from Snowglobe Inc. and he’s threatening to call the loan in. He wants to buy the newspaper off them. Steve offers to look into the guy and his company. He takes off and Adrienne asks Kay not to let Justin know about it. He was in a snit when they bought it in the first place. Talk turns to Adrienne’s reconstruction surgery and how well it’s healing. She’s insecure about how Lucas will feel when he makes love to her and sees her scars. Adrienne thinks her fear is natural but thinks 89% of men don’t see women as sex objects. Lucas will ensure she’s comfortable. Adrienne gets a call from Lucas, who has fixed things so that he can take the day off. They agree to meet at her room. Later, Adrienne gets a call from the hospital that Brady was lost to them and came back. She tells Steve and wonders if it was a miracle or maybe his anti-rejection drugs are working. They’re happy no matter what. Steve says he looked into Sebastian Howard and his company and found nothing. It’s fishy and seems personal.

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Back at the hospital, Rafe arrives to smiles from Marlena, John, Jenn, Eric, and Nicole who are outside Brady’s room. He’s happy to hear about Brady but is sorry – he has to take Eric and Nicole in for questioning. Marlena tries to get Rafe to delay the questioning but Raines will have his neck if he doesn’t bring them in. Eric turns to Chloe, knowing she is the one who called the police. “I am the only one thinking about that child’s welfare,” she snipes. Eric thinks if she is, she should leave Holly with her mama. Jenn and Eric take off with a cop while Rafe sticks around. Val appears from Brady’s room and says he’s stable.

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Lucas meets Adrienne at Salem Inn. She tells him she’s ready to make love – she needs to be close to him. He’s in. They start making out and have sex. Afterward, they’re astounded at how good it was.

Episode # 13099At SPD, Raines is a hardass with Eric, telling him he knows he didn’t do his time for the manslaughter. He questions what Eric was really doing with Nicole. Eric says he went to rescue Nicole and then take her back to Salem for kidnapping. Raines tells Eric and Jennifer they’re free to go. He calls Rafe and updates him.

Back at the hospital, Rafe lets John and Marlena know there are no charges against Eric or Jenn. In Brady’s room, Nicole says goodbye to Brady. She has to go with Rafe. Brady opens his eyes and Nicole laughs and cries, grateful.

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