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At SPD, Deimos plays with Abe, taunting that he’s innocent until proven guilty. Abe assures that finding him guilty is next on their ‘to do’ list. They’ll dance in the streets when it happens. Deimos isn’t going to roll over and play dead. Abe snaps that he wishes he would roll over and ‘be’ dead.

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At Salem Inn, Nicole whines to Eric about needing to see Brady. Jennifer arrives and jumps into Eric’s arms. Nicole snipes, “What is she doing here?” Jennifer’s distressed that Eric is harboring a fugitive but Nicole is able to convince Jenn that if Brady sees Holly, he might hang in there. Being a mother, Jennifer agrees to help get them into the hospital. Eric worries but Jenn remembers Alice breaking Roman out of jail. “And she skated on it,” Jenn says. They take off.

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Marlena and John arrive at Brady’s hospital room. John’s disturbed to see a DNR order on his door and rips it off, yelling at Valerie, thinking this is her doing. Marlena takes him aside and lets him know this was Brady’s idea. John doesn’t think Brady would do that. “He’s a fighter!” Marlena knows Brady wouldn’t want to live on life support. He did this for them. John calls Justin, asking him to get down there. He starts to weep and wants to go wait for Justin in his son’s room but Marlena cries out that this isn’t what Brady needs right now. Valerie tells them she’s still trying to get Brady a heart, but it’s unlikely they’ll find one. They need a miracle. Justin arrives and John blasts him for letting Brady sign a DNR. Justin assures him that he couldn’t dissuade him. Brady wouldn’t burden anyone else with this. “Signing that paper was an act of love.”

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Episode # 13098Chloe bumps into Deimos at the square. “What the hell?” She gasps, shocked he’s not in jail. He beams, being free on such a lovely day. His confidence pisses her off. She tells him prison’s too good for what he did. “You should go to hell.”

Chloe goes to Brady’s room at the hospital. He’s still unconscious but she apologizes again for everything she has done. She begs him to wake up. John Episode # 13098arrives and asks her to get out. He tells her she’s the reason he’s dying. Jennifer, Nicole and Brady turn up and Jenn takes a nurse aside while Nicole goes off to feed her daughter. Back inside Brady’s room, Chloe apologizes and leaves while Marlena and John hold Brady’s hand, asking him to hang in there. They leave the room and Jenn asks if there’s any change. They say they’re headed to the chapel, so Jenn goes to get Eric. Eric visits Brady and begs him to fight. Nicole appears and cries upon seeing Brady. In the waiting room, John apologizes for his outburst, earlier. Marlena is understanding. She calls Brady kind and generous, like his dad. Outside, Jennifer stops Val from seeing her patient, while Chloe stumbles upon Eric.

Deimos finds Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion. Did he think he was going to breeze in there and pick up where they left off? He doesn’t see why not. She goes over his misdeeds over the past year, including her winding up in a wheelchair and Victor being a guest in his own home, right up to Brady dying. “You are not worthy to kiss the bottom of Brady’s shoe.” Maggie starts yelling about Deimos lying about Xander’s “death” and thinks there’s nothing inside him but a ‘black hole’. Episode # 13098Deimos reminds Maggie that Victor put him in jail for 30 years, yet he has forgiven him. “After you put me in a wheelchair and you took everything from him,” she snarks, vowing to get Victor to kick him out of Titan and the family. Later, Maggie’s left and Justin appears. Deimos rants about everyone hating on him. Justin smirks. He’s one of them. Victor called an emergency board meeting this morning and due to a unanimous vote, Deimos is no longer CEO of Titan! He can start packing, too, because he put the house in the company name. Sonny’s the new CEO. Deimos finds that hilarious because Sonny doesn’t have what it takes. Deimos says he’ll fight this and win. He takes off.

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