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Episode # 13097Claire and Theo arrive at the loft, surprised to see Ciara with her luggage. She explains she’s going to Hong Kong for the summer. She can’t be near Theo. Wyatt arrives and Claire scowls as Ciara lets him in. Theo and Claire leave them to talk and Ciara blasts Wyatt. He claims he really likes Ciara and wants another chance. Ciara refuses, calling him a liar and a user and kicks him out. Wyatt protests as she says, “If I see you on campus in the fall, walk the other way.”

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Episode # 13097At SPD, Rafe mentions seeing Abigail and Dario getting closer when Hope strolls in with a cuffed Deimos. As Abigail tells Deimos she hopes he rots in hell for all he has done, Hope and Rafe take off to the interrogation room to kiss and discuss how she was able to arrest Deimos. She calls Sonny, leaving a message to update him. Later, Hope tries to get a statement from Deimos. He tells her he just happened along in his attempt to save Nicole. He reminds her he saved her life in prison too, but Hope leans in and tells him she’ll never forget what he took from her (Bo) and this is payback! Rafe takes a turn at Deimos and grouses about what the Kiriakis did to his dad and brother. Deimos plays it cool. Rafe goes to Hope in another room and sniffs that Deimos thinks he’s going to skate. Later, Hope takes Abigail aside and notifies her that Chad isn’t with Gabi in Greece and in fact, he was deeply saddened by the divorce papers.

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JJ, Lani, Gabi, Eli, Chad, Paul and Sonny are stranded on some island in a cave, feeling lucky to be alive after that crash landing. They attempt to get a signal on their cell phones to no avail. Sonny admits nobody knows they’ve crashed but Paul knows Hope will notice and send help. They dig through their survival kit and think they’ve enough food to survive for a week. They’ve matches and batteries. Lani and JJ take off to find firewood while Gabi’s fear comes out in anger and impatience. Chad takes her aside and asks her to calm down but it only makes things worse. Episode # 13097She thinks this crash is due to the amulet but he’s not so sure her suspicions are founded. The men realize there must be a satellite phone on the plane so Paul takes off alone, with a flashlight to check. Lani and JJ return with wood. Paul returns with the phone but says it’s damaged as is the cockpit radio. They find a screwdriver and Eli attempts to fix it as Sonny takes Paul aside, thankful his beau is back. They discuss him being the CEO of Titan and Chad overhears. The men grin at each other, realizing they’ll be full-on rivals. Gabi tells the others about the cursed amulet and how she blames it for all the bad luck they’ve had. Chad runs off and returns, telling Gabi that he threw the amulet in the ocean. Gabi’s glad. Later, when he’s alone, Chad digs up the amulet and sticks it in his pocket. He returns to the others and they all share blankets and go to sleep.

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At Mandalay, Claire questions Theo about something Ciara said earlier. Theo says Ciara professed to love him, which is why she can’t be around him anymore. Claire looks insecure but Theo assures his girlfriend he’s in love with her. Claire feels bad and heads back to see Ciara.

Claire returns to the loft and tears up, telling Ciara she’ll be lonely without her. She promises to keep her side of their room as is. Ciara says she’ll return. Claire hopes Ciara Episode # 13097can get past her feelings for Theo so they can all be friends again. They hug and tell each other they love one another. Ciara goes and Claire texts Theo not to let Ciara go without saying goodbye.

Ciara finds her mother at SPD and drags her to the pub to talk. Rafe tells Abigail that he just had news that the man who was supposed to turn over evidence on Deimos wound up dead. Deimos is going to go free!

At the pub, Hope says, “Six weeks?” She’ll miss her kid. Ciara tells her mom that things didn’t work out with Wyatt. They hug and Hope is proud of her daughter’s courage to leave town for a while. She calls her kid strong. Ciara thinks she gets that from her mom and dad. “From your dad,” Hope agrees. She tears up and goes to get the car while Theo appears with another apology. The friends hug and Hope returns. Theo says he’ll miss Ciara. The women take off, leaving Theo looking glum.

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