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At the hospital, Steve updates Kayla that Brady is hanging on, and John is with him, urging him to fight. Kayla hopes they can find a donor heart before it’s too late. Talk turns to Tripp and they enthuse about his interest in medicine. Kayla sees a lot of Steve in him. Steve reveals he has a surprise for her. In the chapel, Marlena and Victor fondly recall Brady’s youth. Victor remarks that Marlena’s love and grace made him what he is today; he’s grateful.

In the square, Tripp sips his drink as Joey and Jade argue. She reiterates that he knocked her up and then dumped her, and he calls her a total nightmare. They talk alone, and Joey informs Jade she needs to let him go. Jade can’t turn off her feelings and complains Alyssa isn’t right for him. Joey retorts that it’s not her business, which hurts Jade. Later, Tripp and Joey discuss Jade. Tripp finds it easier to connect with messed up people, though Joey wants to take responsibility for hurting her. Tripp thinks Joey was hard on her and pushes him to apologize.

joey-tripp-jade-park-days-jjJade sits alone, upset, in the park and imagines a scenario in which Tripp convinces Joey she’s the girl of his dreams and they kiss. The brothers appear and Jade smiles. Joey apologizes for being a jerk and she forgives him. Once alone, Tripp tells Jade to give it time. He doesn’t think Kayla will be setting him up on any more dates, and alludes to her not being around much longer. Tripp enthuses about Kayla agreeing to mentor him at the hospital, which will make his plans easier to carry out.

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At the Greek villa, Sonny kicks off a celebration with JJ, Eli, Lani, Chad, and Gabi that involves toasting to bringing down Deimos, yelling ‘Opa’, and smashing plates.Eli-jj-lani-chad-gabi-sonny-toast-greece-days-jj After, Eli is keen to leave and oversee the extradition. Gabi exits with Chad, which clearly irks JJ. He worries to Lani about his sister, but insists he’s not jealous of Gabi wanting Chad. “I love being with you.” JJ vows to treat her right, but Lani is put out at his suggestion they not take things too seriously. Sonny gets on a call with Victor to ask about Brady and update him on Deimos being out of the picture. Victor confirms he’ll back Sonny’s bid to become CEO of Titan.

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Sonny joins Paul at the Greek café to share the good news about his career. Paul expresses concern about his lust for power. He is further taken aback to hear Sonny plans to fire everyone Deimos hired – it’s unlike him to hurt people. Sonny snaps that it’s leadership and his family needs to see it.

At Chad’s hotel in Greece, he and Gabi go over the recent happenings and contemplate returning to reality. They envision their relaxing flight home as ‘good friends’.

Gabi joins Lani, JJ, Eli, Sonny, and Paul on their plane, explaining that it would have been uncomfortable to fly with Chad alone. JJ smiles, but Chad shows up too. Gabi hisses at him about her reasons for leaving as he buckles up for take-off. During the flight, Paul informs the others that Sonny says they’re losing fuel and will have to make an emergency landing. Amid the tension and turbulence, Sonny’s voice comes over the loudspeaker – he has found a place to attempt to land the plane. Everyone braces for impact….

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At home, Steve has clothes laid out on the bed and implores Kayla to take a luxurious soak in the tub. She invites him to wash her back. After, they agree not to take each other for granted as they begin making love.

marlena-victor-days-jjIn the hospital chapel, Victor fills Marlena in on the developments in Greece, including that Eric apparently fled with Nicole and Holly. Marlena presses Victor to put aside his anger toward Eric and behave the way Brady would want him to. Victor worries about facing the loss of his grandson, and they hold hands and pray.

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