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In the hospital, Marlena tells Victor Dr. Grant doesn’t think Brady will make it through the night. Victor wants to call the Mayo Clinic to get Brady a different doctor. Marlena knows he feels powerless, though he denies it. He can afford the best. Marlena says it won’t help. Victor thanks her for being civil to him after the way he treated Eric. She goes and Maggie arrives and hugs her husband. Meanwhile, John sits with an unconscious Brady and begs him not to pack it in. Marlena appears. John tells his son, “I can’t let you go, kid.” Marlena comforts John and they go, letting Victor and Episode # 13095Maggie in. Victor doesn’t know if he can survive all this loss what with Bo, Daniel and possibly now, Brady. Maggie wants to stay with him at the hospital but he asks her to be with Tate so she tells Brady she loves him and kisses Vic before leaving. Later, John sits with Brady and flashes to emotional times with his son. He’s so proud of the man Brady has become and starts to pray as Marlena returns. Meanwhile, Victor visits the chapel and talks to God. Daniel’s ghost appears and assures Victor it’ll be alright. It doesn’t appear Victor can hear him so Daniel goes to Brady’s room and orders him to wake up. Brady opens his eyes and Dan says he needs to fight this, because he has things to do. Brady tells Dan he’s in love with Nicole and wants to marry her. Daniel is fine with that. They need Brady. Brady falls back asleep before his parents return.

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In Greece at the cafe, Chad and Gabi hear the plane’s engine is fixed and they’re ready to fly. They debate whether or not the bad luck they’ve had is due to the curse. Gabi has realized she had no business being iEpisode # 13095n Greece. She’s glad to be going back on Chad’s jet since it’d be awkward returning home with Eli. Chad asks if they were serious. Gabi says yes, she was enjoying spending time with him. She’ll focus on her kid and her job now. She asks if they can be friends again. He agrees to it since Abigail’s out of the picture. Sonny finds Gabi and Chad at the cafe and tells them what’s going on. In the villa, Eric holds a gun to Deimos and Nicole says they know Deimos is pulling Xander’s strings. Elsewhere, JJ, Eli, Lani and Hope tell the Greek cops all about Deimos and Xander kidnapping Nicole, Holly and Eric. The cop agrees to try to get them back-up and they disperse. Back at the villa, Xander’s caged and Deimos keeps up his ruse that he wasn’t working with Xander. They argue until someone starts shooting at them.Episode # 13095 They take cover but Eric’s shot in the arm. Nic blames Deimos. Eli, the Greek cop, Hope, JJ and Lani burst through the door toting guns and yelling, “FBI!” Eli gets Xander out of the cage and Nicole tells her story. Since the cell phone was shot, there’s no proof. JJ calls Sonny to update him, while Xander tells everyone he was working alone. Xander’s taken away and Hope allows Eric and Nicole to go to the jet to get Holly. Sonny, Gabi and Chad appear to gloat at Deimos’ arrest. Hope tells everyone Eli cleared it for her to return to Salem on a commercial flight with Deimos. With Nicole’s testimony, they’ve got Deimos. Soon, the cop returns, out of breath. Xander’s gone!

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Nicole and Eric return to the jet in Greece where Nicole feeds the baby. Marlena calls to tell Eric that it’s only a matter of time until Brady’s heart gives out. Eric tells Nicole Brady likely won’t make it through the night. She cries.

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