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On the plane, Lani and JJ quiz Guy about his connection to Deimos. After the offer of a plea deal and a few threats, Guy cracks. He reveals how he screwed up with the amulet and says all Deimos talked about was a woman. They learn that Deimos plans to land a helicopter on top of the villa owned by Xander, who is working with him.

In the Greek Villa, Eric and Nicole debate about Deimos. Eric figures his plan was for Xander to bring her to him. Nicole frets as she realizes Deimos actually believes she’s going to fall in love with him again. Eric wonders what she’ll do. Nicole feels she’ll have no choice but to go with him – she’ll never see Brady again. Nicole reflects that she lost the desire to be a better woman after losing Daniel, but Holly brought it back. Eric won’t let her lose her child. Nicole scoffs at his confidence that he can get her back to Holly and safety. A goon enters carrying a barbaric looking weapon. Elsewhere, Xander is on the phone with Deimos, who will come for Nicole tonight and take care of Eric himself.

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Outside Deimos’ hotel, Sonny and Paul watch him through binoculars. Sonny looks forward to intervening and capturing Deimos so he can be head of Titan. Paul urges him to check his motives. He’s worried the job will change him. Sonny reassures him, but Paul looks wary as Sonny intones, “Let’s get this bastard.” Sonny gets an update from JJ that Xander is working for Deimos. Sonny and Paul enthuse over this development. Sonny takes off and Paul warns him to be careful.

At the Greek café, Eli and Hope go over the case but he’s bummed out because he ended things with Gabi. Hope wonders if it’s because of Chad. Eli deflects; he just wants Deimos in cuffs. After a brief discussion about Julie, Eli receives a call from Lani about Deimos and Xander. Eli tells her they’ll head back to the plane.

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In the Salem hospital, John assures Brady he’s doing great. Brady asks about Nicole and says she phoned him earlier. Marlena enters with Tate. Brady perks up and asks the toddler never to forget how much he loves him. They high five and Marlena takes him out as John tears up. Brady worries he won’t get well and wants John to tell Tate about him after he’s gone, the way he did for him with Isabella.

Outside Deimos’ hotel, Paul takes a call from John telling him Brady is losing his fight. “It’s just a matter of time.” Paul vows to return tomorrow, but John groans that he won’t make it in time. He urges Paul to stay and get the guy who shot Brady and bring Nicole home safe. Inside, Deimos tells his man it’s go time.

On the plane, JJ and Sonny make plans for the capture of Deimos and Xander. JJ warns they cannot know they’re trapped or God knows what they’ll do to Nicole and her baby. JJ helps Lani with her bulletproof vest and they share a close moment and a kiss.

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Outside Deimos’ hotel, Paul’s phone lights up with Sonny’s number as he’s knocked out.

On the plane, Sonny tells JJ and Lani that Paul’s not answering.

Sonny arrives outside Deimos’ hotel and awakens Paul. He phones JJ and Lani to report Deimos has left the hotel.

In Brady’s hospital room, John teases Brady about falling in love again. Brady admits he loves Nicole and they chuckle. Brady coughs weakly and talks about getting her to come around and being happy in Canada. Brady then becomes emotional. He recalls John urging him to hang in there during baseball. Brady urges his dad to hang in there and passes out. The machine beeps and John calls for help. After, John joins Marlena and reports the doctors don’t think Brady’s going to make it. They embrace.

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In the Greek villa, the goon is set to put Eric in the cage. Nicole unsuccessfully tries to fight him, but nabs his keys. In the cage, Eric flashes to his confrontations with Nicole after Daniel died. Xander-in-villa-Days-JJXander appears to taunt him. They exchange insults. Xander aims his gun and suggests ‘Padre’ say his prayers. Nicole sneaks up behind Xander and knocks him out. She uses the keys to free Eric as they hear a helicopter. After, Deimos enters in the dark and spots Xander in the cage. Eric flips the light on and holds him at gunpoint. Deimos looks stunned as Nicole says, “We’ve been expecting you.”

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