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claire-hugs-ciara-over-wyatt-days-nbcAt the loft, Claire’s head spins and Ciara cries after Theo explains he set her up with Wyatt and fed him information on her so she’d be happy. Wyatt apologizes and Claire hugs Ciara. Wyatt says he really does like Ciara. Ciara dumps Wyatt and runs out with Theo following.

In Greece, Deimos meets with the man who mugged Chad and gives him the amulet box. Deimos’ grin turns to a scowl when he opens the box and there’s no amulet. deimos-missing-amulet-days-nbcAt the villa, Nicole damns Eric, thinking she could have been free if she didn’t return for him. Eric asks how Brady is. She has no idea. Eric tells her about Chloe being open to the idea of shared custody. Nicole snaps that it’s just a trick. If she goes back to Salem, she’ll be imprisoned. She learns Eric moved back to Salem and is appalled. How could he do that to Maggie? Eric says she forgave him. He says he’s counselling at the Horton Center. Nic sniffs at that. She goes off on him drinking and driving while Eric asks her to trust him so they can get out of there. Meanwhile, on the plane, JJ touches base with a worried Jennifer who hasn’t heard from Eric yet. Eli sneers that if Eric would have cooperated from the beginning they’d have been home. He goes to get air. Elsewhere, Paul takes photos of the mugger and sends them to JJ. Back in Deimos’ room, he finds a thumb drive in the box. At least he has that.

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Theo finds Ciara in the park. He apologizes again. She calls it stupid and thoughtless. He knows. She rants. She’s embarrassed and fed up. Theo says none of the guys she was talking to online were good enough for her and it upset him. Once he got to know Wyatt, he seemed like the right one. Then he saw Wyatt taking advantage of her and needed to do something. Ciara says all this time she’s been falling in love with Wyatt who was really Theo. Theo’s confused. Ciara reminds him of the letter she wrote him where she confessed. Theo’s more baffled than ever. He never saw any letter. She asks then why he’s been avoiding her. He says it was out of embarrassment that she walked in on him making out with Claire. Ciara says she trusted Wyatt, just like she trusted Chase. Theo promises he’d never let anyone hurt her like that again. Ciara blames Theo for all this. He was her best friend but she doesn’t know him anymore. She’s starting to wonder if she’s worthy of love. She goes and calls Shawn.

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xander-hot-bod-days-nbcBack in Greece, Eli returns to the plane and they look up the photo of the mugger Paul sent them. They’ve a match in Guy Mansukos. He calls Sonny and lets him know that Guy is wanted for burglary, arson and murder. When Guy leaves Deimos’ room, Sonny distracts him and Paul cuffs him. JJ appears and drags the guy away. Back at the villa, Nicole and Eric fake an argument that lures Xander into their room. While he tries to stop it, Eric tackles him and beats on his body which appears to be made from steel. Xander beats Eric and the goon comes in with a gun and gets Eric to back off. In all the scuffle, Nicole see a text from someone saying he’ll pick Nicole up tonight. Xander grabs the phone and he and the goon leave. Eric wonders why Xander kept him alive. Nicole tries to make sense of the text and wonders if Deimos knew Xander was alive and they’re working together. Eric wonders if this was his plan all the while, to have her kidnapped in order to save her. Back on the plane, Eli gives Lani the last water bottle. Their fingers touch and they look deeply into each other’s eyes then break free. She asks what happened with Gabi and he tells her they’re through. He doesn’t want to discuss it. Lani’s surprised and sorry. JJ takes Guy to them but he won’t talk. Meanwhile, Sonny can’t wait to take over Titan. It’s all he wants – well, aside from Paul, he says. Paul looks worried. They kiss. Later, Deimos calls and tells Xander Eric’s a liability he’ll take care of himself.

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Back at the loft, Claire yells at Wyatt for hurting Ciara. Wyatt thinks Theo’s outburst shows how in love he is with Ciara. “Not you,” he says, sneering. They argue and Claire yells that if anyone else hurts her she’ll get them. She orders him out. Theo returns. He tells her that Ciara’s not doing well. He blames himself. Claire’s sorry.

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