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claire-sad-brady-dying-days-nbcAt the loft, the tweens are happy finals are over. Wyatt boasts that he got an A on his paper. Theo corrects, “You mean the one Ciara wrote for you.” Privately, Theo says it’s only a matter of time until Ciara realizes Wyatt’s trash. The gals return and they all talk about needing summer employment except Wyatt who thinks summer’s for relaxing. Theo’s disgusted considering the guy never has money. Ciara gets everyone’s breakfast orders and Wyatt gives her a huge list but forgot to go to the ATM. Ciara will cover him. She leaves with him and Theo rants to Claire. Later, Wyatt’s gone and Claire cries after Marlena calls to tell her Brady’s not doing well. Ciara offers to go with her to St. Luke’s. As Theo showers, they discuss boyfriends and how sex makes them closer. Later, Wyatt’s back. Ciara gets a text from Aunt Maggie who says they opened the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. Wyatt makes plans to go alone, with Ciara. Theo hates that idea. Things get intense. Claire and Wyatt give Theo and Ciara a chance to clear the air. Ciara demands Theo tell her what’s going on. “No more lies.” Theo blurts, “He’s conning you!” Theo tells the truth about setting her up with Wyatt because he wanted her to be happy. Claire and Wyatt return and Theo continues. He tells her he fed Wyatt her likes and dislikes. Ciara tears up.

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At TBD, Abigail agrees to marry Dario. She shrugs that Chad and Gabi are in Greece together anyway. Dario calls Chad an idiot. Abigail defends Chad who will remain a large part of Thomas’ life. They agree to tell their close family the truth. Dario says they’ve an appointment with an immigration officer Gilman. Abigail’s surprised it’s happening so fast. Dario pulls out a ring, which doubly surprises Abigail. He gets down on one knee and she slaps his hand, asking him to get this over with already.

kate-dines-andre-days-nbcAndre looms over Kate eating fruit at Mandalay, livid that Chad wanted that amulet even though it brings bad luck. Kate’s surprised to learn Hope was there meddling in Chad’s life. That’s her job! Andre grabs for a scone. Kate orders him not to or he’ll get heartburn. He backs off and tries to go for fruit but she pooh poohs that. They laugh. Andre defends Hope with whom he thinks feels responsible for Chad. Kate brings up Abigail filing for divorce. Andre’s sad about that though Kate’s thrilled, thinking Gabi will be with Chad. Kate asks if they’re still on for classic movie night. Andre grins. They are. She suggests “Curse of the Mummy,” which doesn’t go over well.

In Greece, a man with a knife threatens Chad and Gabi’s lives if they don’t give him the amulet. Chad’s forced to give it up. When the guy runs, Chad exclaims he just lost 20 million. Gabi opens her purse and takes out the amulet. She switched them. Chad hugs her, calling her incredible. They share a moment and almost kiss when Eli interrupts. They fill him in about the theft, saying the man only got away with their money. Eli is surprised he didn’t take their jewelry. He goes to report it to hotel security and Chad grudgingly hands the amulet back to Gabi for safe keeping, worried that she believes in it being cursed. She goes to meet Eli and they wind up at the cafe where he probes her for information about what she and Chad were doing together. She says it was nothing untoward but he saw a spark. She shakes her head. Eli knows she’s in love with Chad, which is why he has to break up with her. Gabi’s at a loss. She goes back to Chad’s room and hands over the amulet, thinking it really is cursed because Eli dumped her. Chad’s so sorry. So is she. They go for a drink.

Abigail and Dario meet Officer Gilman (played by Emil Beheshti) at his office. Gilman thinks his engagement is a red flag. They discuss the first day they met and when he started falling in love with her during dancing lessons. Abigail’s clearly uncomfortable.

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At the square, Dario and Abigail wonder if their meeting went well. She leaves and Kate approaches. She asks what’s up. Dario says his mother didn’t file the correct paperwork when he was born in Mexico on vacation, so he’s being deported. Kate offers to get him a lawyer but he tells her he’s going to marry Abigail. Kate calls it dicey, though convenient if he’s already in love with her. She thinks there’s a lot more there and asks him to level with her. He says he has a lawyer who says all he needs to do is refile his paperwork to get citizenship but he figured if he married Abigail, she might fall for him. He asks if Kate will tattle. She sees no reason to. It’ll free up Chad to marry Gabi.

Abby drinks at TBD as she stares at her engagement ring and thinks about making love to Chad.

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