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Lucas and Adrienne talk to Rafe in the square about the lack of great leads in the Countess Wilhelmina case. Chloe pops in and asks if Rafe has found Nicole and Chloe. He hasn’t. He goes and Adrienne and Ari wander off. Lucas blames Chloe for everything that’s going down from Nicole kidnapping Holly to Brady being half dead. Chloe argues that’s bull and their raised voices bring Adrienne back to diffuse the argument. Chloe snaps, wishing the best of luck to Adrienne because when the chips are down, Lucas is nowhere to be found. Pissed, she stomps off, concrete cracking in her wake.

At TBD, Dario tells someone on a call not to get sloppy because he can’t afford any mistakes. Abigail appears. He tells her someone’s interested in buying TBD. Episode # 13091He’d hate to lose it but if he gets deported, he won’t have a choice. Abigail is still considering his proposal but wants him to talk to an immigration lawyer first. Dario’s pal Alberto calls. The Mexican drug lord heard he’s been hiding from heard he’s being deported from USA and is looking for him. Dario disconnects, looking grim. He fills Abigail in that in Argentina, he got into a shady business deal with the Mexican drug lord and cost him a lot of money, which is why he returned to USA. Later, Dario’s alone when Chloe appears in a huff, annoyed about her run in with Lucas. Dario reassures her that she’s a good person. Episode # 13091She talks about missing Parker and Holly and Dario offers her a job singing at TBD, saying she can then move Parker back to Salem.

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Chad finds Hope at the cafe in Athens. They talk about Abigail divorcing him. He needs to find a way to accept it. Meanwhile, on the plane, JJ interrupts Gabi and Eli talking about Chad and Abby’s divorce to tell Gabi that Sonny booked a commercial flight home for her. She’s angry. JJ says it doesn’t make sense for her to take this sort of risk. Gabi stomps off the plane. Eli slams JJ for sending her straight into Chad’s arms. Back at the cafe, Gabi surprises Chad and Hope. Hope brings up the cursed amulet then dashes off, leaving Gabi intrigued. “Did she just say cursed?” Back on the plane, Lani’s annoyed at watching two men argue over what a woman does. JJ goes to find Gabs and Lani coaches Eli to make it work with Gabi. Back at the cafe, Chad lets Gabi know about the cursed amulet, showing it to her. Andre blames Abby filing for divorce and the jet’s engine troubles on it. Gabi tells him to get rid of it. JJ returns to the plane. Deimos is still in his room so they’ve got to wait. They turn the wait into romance by playing tunes and dancing. Things get hot so JJ puts the brakes on. He needs things to be perfect. Back at the cafe, Gabi urges Chad to sell the amulet to Deimos. Chad refuses. He goes to take a call and Gabi takes out the amulet and shivers. Chad returns. Someone watches as he invites Gabi to check out the city. Hope boards the plane. She heard about Deimos and is in! She tells them to go rest and she’ll call if anything comes up. They leave and she calls Rafe. Back in the city, Gabi eats kebabs and Chad talks about some tourist hitting on Gabi. She goes to show Chad a dance and twists her ankle. Chad lifts her up and takes her back to the hotel. Once they arrive, they see their room was tossed. A man holds them by knifepoint.

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Abigail runs into Adrienne, Ari and Lucas at the square. They’re sorry to hear of the break-up. Abs asks Ari where Gabi is. “In Greece,” she says. Lucas tries to shush her and takes the kid off. Abigail looks upset. She tells Adrienne that’s where Chad is. She assumes they’ve reunited.

Lucas and Adrienne kiss at Salem Inn. Lucas asks when she’ll be ready to make love, letting her know how sexy he finds her. Her eyes tear up. She misses sex with him and thinks about it non-stop but she’s not used to her new body. Lucas calls her beautiful.

Back at TBD, Dario gets Rafe a drink. Rafe hopes GDR is going legit. Dario smirks and tells his brother about being deported. Rafe knows he was born there when their mother was on vacation but he’s an American citizen. Dario says their father’s arrest caused questions with his citizenship. Rafe wants to help. He goes and Abigail returns. She has decided to marry Dario.

Rafe is alone in the park when Hope calls with an update about her trip. He lets her know about his brother’s trouble with immigration and she’s shocked.

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