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At the square, Tripp watches the DVD Ava created for him and talks to Jade about Kayla icing his mother.

Episode # 13090Joey and Steve arrive at the pub, and Joey groans about his mother playing matchmaker with Alyssa Trout (played by Annalisa Cochrane). Steve wonders if Dr. Trout’s daughter is a catch. Joey admits she seemed cool on the phone. Steve gets a call from Tripp who asks to meet. Steve invites him along on a case. He leaves and Alyssa arrives. They make small talk and he asks what her major is. She asks him not to laugh. He starts to laugh of course, and then she does. They can’t stop when Jade walks in and her eyes shoot daggers at them. When Alyssa goes to the restroom, Jade approaches Joey, who tells her he’s on a date. He’s moved on and asks her to do the same. She heads to the bar before Alyssa returns and daydreams about kissing Joey while thinking of a way to get rid of Kayla. Once Joey and Alyssa’s date is over, Joey leaves and Jade appears. She calls Joey a player, telling Alyssa a version of how Joey dated her, knocked her up and left her. Alyssa’s horrified. She agrees to skip the second date.

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Nicole arrives at the Titan jet in Greece. Roy, the pilot, hands over Holly and Nic thanks him, happy to see her daughter. She asks him to take her somewhere far away from Salem. Back at the villa, Xander has Eric tied up and he gripes about Nicole making it off the island. At least he still has Holly. Eric laughs, “Yeah you better guess again, buddy.” Xander throws things in anger and then taunts Eric for playing Sir Galahad, calling him expendable.

Marlena visits Brady in his hospital room. She’s had no luck reaching John. Kayla pokes in. Brady’s body isn’t responding to the anti-rejection medication. Brady realizes he’s already dying. Kay goes and step-mother and son discuss Brady sending Eric to Greece to save Nicole. Marlena’s worried but understands he did this because of Daniel. Suddenly, John appears. He emotionally hugs Marlena and holds his son’s hand.

Episode # 13090At Salem Inn, Steve tells Tripp the job that they’re on is to find out if a man is cheating on his wife. Tripp finds the PI business interesting and says the Vitali inheritance comes in small installments so he still needs to work. Steve suggests he shadow Kayla at work to see if medical school is right for him. Tripp likes that idea but has ulterior motives. They finally see the man with a redhead and take photos. Tripp brings up Kayla finding out that Steve and Ava hooked up last year. Steve lets him know that Ava blackmailed him into having sex. Tripp calls it sick and twisted and imagines Kayla was devastated when she found out.

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Episode # 13090Back in Greece on the jet, Nicole calls University Hospital, pretending to be Belle, and gets through to Brady. He’s overcome at the sound of her voice and she fills him in on Eric saving her. She appears touched after learning that Eric didn’t give saving her a second thought. Their call is cut short so Nicole rushes to the police and reports Xander as a kidnapper. They head to the villa where they find Xander.  Xander thanks the cop for bringing his property back. He pays off the cop and once he’s gone, Nicole seethes. “I hate you,” she tells him. He throws her in Eric’s room. He’s startled. Nic confesses she couldn’t leave him behind.

Episode # 13090Steve heads to the hospital to see Kay. He tells her he made progress on his case and with Tripp. Joey walks up and Steve goes to take a call. Joey tells his mom his date went well but even if he finds the right girl, he’ll always have a secret. At least with Jade, he could be honest and she still loved him. Meanwhile, John visits a sleeping Brady, refusing to leave until he’s out of the woods. He lies on Brady’s chest, in misery, telling him he loves him.

Tripp meets Jade at the park and they discuss Steve’s case. Jade calls Steve a superhero and his wife a super witch. Tripp found a way to ruin Kayla’s life.

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