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At Mandalay, Dario tells someone on the phone that he will ‘take care of it’. He calls Abigail to meet him at the parkette.

abigail-with-dario-bad-news-days-jjAt the parkette, Dario announces to Abigail that he’s being deported. Abigail is flabbergasted. Dario shrugs that his only option would be to marry an American citizen, and wonders if Abigail would be willing to do that for him. Abigail has to do what’s best for Thomas and Chad, and doubts he would approve. Dario tells her not to worry about him, which makes her feel guilty. He assures her he’ll figure something out.

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In Greece, Chad gets a call about a delay at the airfield. He texts Hope that the jet is being serviced, and then looks at the amulet. He shakes his head and pockets it again.

lani-jj-eli-on-jet-days-jjOn the Kiriakis jet, Eli updates Lani that they’re grounded until he gets clearance. He hopes Sonny has made progress. Lani steps away, and Eli and JJ discuss being stuck. Lani reappears and says Gabi’s gone.

Sonny and Paul are stunned to see Gabi show up in the Athena café in Greece. gabi-sonny-chad-greece-days-jjSonny is livid at the risk she is taking, but she insists she’s a survivor. Chad appears, and asks why they’re there. Sonny and Paul give Chad the story on Deimos. Elsewhere, Xander updates Deimos that Eric Brady came to Nicole’s rescue. Xander is uncertain about whether Deimos would turn on him and needs assurances. He hands over a list of demands, including a helicopter, pilot, $20 million in cash and two female escorts. Deimos balks, but Xander orders him to take care of it – he’ll be waiting. deimos-finally-sees-xander-days-jjIn a bedroom, Eric informs Nicole they have to come up with something lethal, and gets an idea. Once equipped with a makeshift weapon, Eric dials Nicole in on the plan. They make their way out of the bedroom and see no guards. Nicole is anxious to get back to Holly. Eric reminds her to follow his lead.

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Still on the Kiriakis jet, Eli talks to Paul by phone to tell him Interpol has discovered Deimos’ location. He learns Gabi is in Greece…along with Chad. He disconnects and shares the news with JJ and Lani. JJ complains to Lani that Gabi always gets in trouble around Chad. Lani reassures him. Eli says Gabi has moved on with him now. JJ thinks he should be worried too.

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Back at the Athena café in Greece, Chad and Sonny discuss how to get Deimos arrested. Paul interjects that he let Eli know Gabi was there with Chad. After, Chad informs Gabi that Abigail filed for divorce. Gabi blusters that it makes no sense for her to break up their family and wonders what’s behind it. Chad flashes to seeing Abigail with Dario. Chad feels Abby wants to rid herself of their past. They awkwardly re-establish that what they shared was over, and Gabi goes to phone Eli. She tells him Chad needs a friend because Abigail filed for divorce. He warns her to be careful. Gabi rejoins Chad to defend her need to be there. Chad is concerned and remarks he doesn’t have much fight left. Gabi asks if he blames her for the divorce. He doesn’t. She wants him to join her, Sonny, and Paul, but Chad plans to stay out of it. Gabi asks to lay low with him, and they decide to do some sightseeing. Meanwhile, Sonny and Paul use binoculars to spy on Deimos, who is on a call about the amulet in his hotel room. He hangs up and mutters about taking care of Xander and getting to Nicole and Holly. As Paul watches, Deimos barks at another caller to get everything on that list…now! Kiriakis then phones Xander to assert that soon they will both have what they want. Back where Nicole is being held, she tells the guard Eric is seriously ill and could die. Eric jumps off the sofa and fights the guy, who blows a whistle for back-up. Eric bashes the goon with the door while Nicole makes her escape outside.

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Back on the jet, Eli informs Lani and JJ that Chad is in rough shape thanks to Abigail, who filed for divorce. JJ worries about what his sister’s going through. Lani respects Abby’s choice and thinks he should too. She helps to restore his faith in love with some kissing. Eli interrupts – it will soon be time to make his move.

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At the police station, Abigail flashes to all the times Dario has been there for her and to their close encounters. She ponders whether she could marry him.

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Kayla has the task of informing Brady that he’s getting worse.

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