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Adrienne eavesdrops on Justin on a call at the Kiriakis mansion about Deimos depositing more money in the Titan account. When he disconnects, she shows herself and they discuss her “awesome” trip in Scottsdale. She tells him the kids want them to reunite but that she set them straight that she chose a life with Lucas. Justin believes they’ll come around. She gives him a goodie bag for Sonny since he’s out of the country. Justin lets his ex know that he only wants her happiness. She tears up, grateful.

Kayla and Steve walk through the square and discuss how they think Tripp’s coming around. They stumble into Adrienne and catch up. She wants to meet Tripp so Steve hands over his phone number.

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At the park, Jade tells Tripp that it’s a strong hunch that Kayla killed Ava. Jade tells Tripp about Ava having sex with Steve and filming it. Kayla saw that tape. Tripp looks sick. Jade goes on to say the women went at it in the park which led to Ava sneaking into Kayla’s house and giving herself a morphine overdose and blaming Kay. Jade wonders if Ava was telling the truth. Tripp seems confused since Kay’s so amazing. Ava says Kayla’s your best friend who will turn around and stab you in the back when she’s done with you.

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At SPD, Jennifer talks to Rafe about Lani being forced to take Halo. Jenn has a lead. She heard word that the dealer calls himself The Candyman.

abby-and-jenn-discuss-divorce-days- nbcDario meets Abigail at the parkette off the square. She starts to sob and says she filed for divorce from Chad. Dario’s sorry. She couldn’t take living in limbo. She apologizes for calling him with her problems. She claims she doesn’t want him to get the wrong impression but he tells her it’s fine. They’re friends. Jennifer shows up and he jumps out of his skin and runs back to TBD. Jennifer is tired of walking around on eggshells, wondering what’s up with her. Abigail confesses to filing for divorce. Jenn’s jaw drops, her chin sticking to a piece of gum on the ground. Abigail says this isn’t a rash decision.

chad-gets-amulet-days-nbcIn Greece, Chad meets someone who hands over the amulet and takes payment. The guy wishes him good luck, thinking that from now on, he’ll need it. Chad stuffs it in his jacket repeating to himself, “It’s just a trinket.” Hope appears. She thought she’d catch a ride back to Salem on his plane but he’s sticking around. He takes Hope back to his room and tries to get rid of her so he can pack. She makes herself at home. Chad gets an email that shocks him to his core. He tells Hope that Abigail just filed for divorce. They ponder what’s behind it and Hope considers that Chad could change her mind. Chad thinks Dario’s got something to do with this. Hope thinks that’s crazy. Chad disagrees. He’s not able to give her his whole heart …right now. Hope goes and Chad flashes back to good times with his wife and cries as the amulet falls to the floor.

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Adrienne meets Tripp at the park. She’s really excited to meet him, having heard so much about him. She tells him how important the Johnsons feel family is and how miserable Steve’s childhood was and that he’s desperate to make up not being in his son’s life. Tripp heard their father died suddenly. Adrienne admits she killed him in self-defense.

Chloe bumps into Justin at the pub. He’s hostile and asks if she has seen Brady. She has, a few times, she tells him. He blames her for his shooting since it was her who set this whole thing in motion. They part ways and Steve and Kayla show up for pie. Tripp finds them. He met his aunt Adrienne and says he’s decided to get to know them better. Steve’s thrilled.

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Chloe goes to TBD for a drink and tells Dario that Justin just blamed her for Brady’s shooting and “everything else.” He joins her in a drink and they chat. She misses her son and says she has to go call him.

Jenn meets Adrienne at Mandalay and fills her in on Abigail divorcing Chad. Jenn calls it a big mistake.

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