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In the Greek villa, Xander catches Nicole stealing his keys just as Eric bursts through the door and knocks Xander out cold. When the man comes to, Eric pounds on him again. A guard intervenes and nabs Eric at gunpoint. He locks Nic and Eric in the bedroom. Eric assures Nicole that Holly’s fine and safe on the plane. Nicole yells that he’s a monster and Holly’s all she has left. She slaps him. She brings up ancient history of when he didn’t believe that Serena was bad news, then brings up him drunk driving. He tries to apologize but she won’t let him be her hero. She screams that everything that has happened including Brady’s shooting is Eric’s fault. She’ll never forgive him. Eric agrees with everything she said.

At the square, Sonny and Paul tell Justin that if Deimos finds Nicole and Holly, he’ll disappear with them. Sonny says he and Paul are going after him. Justin explodes, “What can you two do?” Sonny says Paul’s a trained PI. Justin retorts, “Deimos is a trained psychopath.” Sonny shows his dad he’s been carrying a gun around, but this doesn’t make him feel any better. He asks why he’s here. Is he trying to make up with some grand gesture? Cringing, he says no.

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At the hospital, Chloe is upset to see Brady so ill. She feels guilty and apologizes. She starts to cry and Brady forgives her. They hold hands. Brady asks her to drop the charges against Nicole, reminding her Deimos isn’t in the picture anymore. Chloe cries as she considers his words.

Lani and JJ arrive at SPD. Eli notices that Lani’s shaking. She shakes her head as if to tell Eli to keep quiet when JJ says he’s glad that the drugs are gone from Lani’s system. JJ takes a call and learns Eric went after Nicole and Holly. He’s in Greece.

In the park, Gabi learns her father is getting 2 years in prison, and is furious.

At the pub, Theo argues with Wyatt, accusing Ciara’s boyfriend of using her. Wyatt doesn’t think it matters how they ended up together if they’re happy.

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Gabi walks to the square as Sonny tells Justin they’re off to Greece. Justin goes and Gabi tells Sonny about Eduardo’s plea and how it’s Deimos’ fault somehow. Gabi wants to go to Greece with Sonny in order to help make Deimos pay. Later, Gabi calls Eli. He tells her he’s heading to Greece on Nicole and Holly’s case. She wants to come but he refuses her. Pissed, she says goodbye and disconnects, then starts to flash to being locked in the meat locker with Chad. She calls Lucas to see if he can take Arianna.

Theo and Wyatt arrive at the loft, still arguing over Ciara. Wyatt calls Theo a guy who thinks the glass is half full. Theo refuses to help him anymore. He goes to his room. Later, Ciara arrives and Theo comes out of his room, annoyed to see her making out with Wyatt.

Chloe turns up at the pub and notices that Ciara’s been packing some things for Caroline. Chloe talks to God and asks him to watch out for Holly, Brady and Nicole and to keep them safe.

Back at SPD, Eli tells Lani she’s not up for this trip to Greece but she insists she’s going.

Episode # 13087Justin visits Brady at the hospital and tells him that Sonny and Paul are headed to Greece to find Nicole and Holly. Brady’s happy. He thinks Sonny will do well, running Titan. He asks Justin to help update his will. He also needs a living will. If his heart fails and he can’t breathe on his own, he doesn’t want to be kept on life support. Brady signs a DNR (do not resuscitate).

Back at the square, Sonny knows that Paul thinks this Deimos business has changed him. He asks if Paul wants to stay in Salem but Paul tells his beau they’re in this together.

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Eli, JJ and Lani are served coffee on the Kiriakis jet by Gabi, dressed as a stewardess. Jaws drop…

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