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Episode # 13086Nicole is shocked to find Eric at the door of Xander’s villa in Greece. She has a lot of questions but Eric tells her he’ll explain later, but for now, they need to go. He tells her about Brady’s heart failure. They see the nanny with Holly, (played by Oakley & Taytum Fisher) outside and Eric goes to her. He learns the baby won’t sleep and goes to get a bottle while Nic rushes to hold Holly. Nic won’t go with Eric after what he did to Daniel. Xander appears. He doesn’t notice Eric isn’t his usual guard and asks Nic to get him to bring Holly to the nursery. Elsewhere, at Athena Cafe, Chad is on a call, angry to learn his meeting has been delayed. Hope appears. He’s startled and questions why she’s following him when Andre shows up. Chad’s once again taken aback. Andre says he assumes he’s there for the same reason Hope is. To stop him from acquiring the cursed amulet. He tells Hope that anyone who comes in contact with it is unsafe. Chad calls it an old wives’ tale. Andre says it’s stolen property and encourages Hope to do something. Chad grins. He hasn’t done anything wrong. Andre says jail is better than dead. Chad pinches a woman nearby and she turns to Andre and slaps him with her purse. Chad slinks away as Hope helps Andre deal with the woman. It’s too late when they notice he’s gone. They rush off. Meanwhile, Eric takes Holly to the plane and treks back to the villa, as Xander recalls that Nic’s had a few Kiriakis men wrapped around her finger, except Sonny. He jokes that she’s not Sonny’s type. He calls her a fighter and finds it sexy. He remembers kissing her…

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Episode # 13086At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor calls the hospital and demands Dr. Evans call him back with news about Brady. Claire arrives and dances around the reason for her visit, finally asking for money to launch her music career. He asks how much and she launches into a tirade about how he gives Ciara money, how she’s his favorite. Victor denies it and says it would be irresponsible of him to give Claire a lump sum. He tells her, “You’re so jealous you can’t even see straight.”

At the pub, Ciara goes to take a call, asking Wyatt to use her wallet to pay. Theo approaches and accuses Wyatt of theft. Ciara returns and explains the situation. Wyatt leaves and the friends argue when Theo accuses Wyatt of using her. Ciara takes off, leaving Theo to flash back to coaching Wyatt about dating Ciara.

Ciara interrupts Claire yelling about how perfect, smart, and gorgeous Ciara is at the Kiriakis estate. She apologizes and when Vic asks what she wants, she tells him about this water filtering process that doesn’t exist in poor regions in South America. If Vic can get her trust fund altered, she can invest in it. “Oh my God, see what I mean?” Claire yells, as she runs out. Ciara is astounded that Claire’s jealous of her, because she thinks Claire has it all.

Claire finds Theo at the square. She hugs him and groans about her day. He tells her about what happened with Wyatt and Ciara. Theo doesn’t know what to do. Claire calls him obsessed. He’s making her bad day worse. Theo reminds her this isn’t about her. She tears up and thinks he’s jealous. Upset and unable to explain, he bolts.

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Episode # 13086Theo returns to the pub and apologizes to Wyatt for his accusations. Ciara arrives and tells Wyatt she’s going to write his English paper. That sets Theo off again.

Back in Greece, Chad meets Kristos to get the amulet. Kristos doesn’t have it with him, but he’s sporting an injured arm and blames the curse of the amulet. He wants nothing to do with it. At the villa, Xander’s a little toasted from drinking dirty martinis and he asks Nic to rekindle the old flame. Nic reminds him she’s with Brady now. She notices his keys on his belt and gets an idea. She tells him to sit and massages his neck. He falls asleep and she tries to get the keys. Episode # 13086Later, Andre and Hope find Chad and he says he’s done with trying to get the amulet. They’re not sure they can trust him. Elsewhere, someone opens a box with the amulet inside. Back at the villa, Xander awakens and grabs Nicole. He’s on to her. He starts kissing her when Eric busts down the door and hits Xander, knocking him out.

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