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At the hospital, Paul and Sonny are stopped from visiting Brady by Marlena who says he needs his rest. They’re worried. Marlena is fed up with the ISA, who can’t tell her where John is. She’s going to Chicago to meet with the head of the ISA.

Episode # 13085At the Kiriakis estate, Deimos takes a call from Xander, who is moody. He can’t believe Deimos wants to spend the rest of his life “listening to this bitch.” All Nicole talks about is Brady! Xander has had enough and tells Deimos to get there. Maggie overhears Deimos and he lies that he was taking a business call. Later, Sonny shows up and tells Maggie that Brady’s heart is failing. She cries and wonders how she’ll break it to Victor. Deimos appears, sorry to hear the news. Maggie goes and Sonny fishes for information on Nicole. Deimos isn’t willing to share his plans and takes off. Later, Maggie returns to Sonny and Paul hugging. She told Victor about Brady and says he’s worried. She mentions Deimos going out of town and Sonny pressures her for information. She has none and goes while Paul runs off to talk to Steve about Deimos’ plans.

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Eric prepares to leave for Greece on the jet.

In Greece, Nicole is out of the cage and in a change of clothing. She whines for her kid and Xander gets annoyed. He tells her to shut up, then changes his tune and offers to take her for a walk on the beach. Nicole’s confused by his behavior. He admits he hoped that she’d have Stockholm Syndrome by now. Nicole agrees to play poker in the hopes that she can see Holly whenever she wants. They play and Nicole wins. Xander’s clearly upset. They discuss Victor disowning him and Nicole offers to talk to Brady to vouch for Xander. She assumes he hated what he did. Xander discloses he didn’t have a choice. Nic lets Xander know that Victor put Deimos in charge. In fact, he’s the reason she went on the run. Xander’s surprised so she tells him the whole story. He appears to have empathy but then turns on her and tells her to shut it. He knows she was working him. She denies it then apologizes for how he was treated by the Kiriakis clan.

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Val meets Abe at the square and fills him in on Brady rejecting Daniel’s heart. Abe has something to take her mind off of Brady and work. They head out.

Episode # 13085Gabi brings Eli to TBD for a surprise. Abe and Val show up and Eli is upset that they set him up. Val’s surprised and mother and son are talked into dining together. Things begin to thaw. Eli notices she’s not eating the pancakes and asks if she has a patient in trouble. She’s surprised at his question and he admits he remembers her eating pancakes when surgery went well. He calls her the best doctor in the world, making her heart melt. They talk about old times and Eli laments that his father could have been there for him. She knows but David wouldn’t have been that kind of dad. He didn’t have it in him, she assures. He turned his back on his mother and Scotty. Val couldn’t take it if he had done the same to her baby. She asks if he can forgive her but he needs more time. Val understands, though she tears up.

At the park, Paul and Sonny get a call from Steve who says Deimos is waiting on a chartered jet headed to Athens.

Eric arrives in Greece. Back at the island, Nicole tries to get one of the guards to get her a book but he refuses. She flashes to making love with Brady and hopes he’s okay. She tries again to talk to the guard at the front door and gasps when she sees the guard is gone and Eric’s standing there.

Episode # 13085Val returns to the hospital. Abe finds her and says he was checking on Brady. Abe asks if she’s still speaking to him. Val is thankful to him and Gabi. She and her son had a good talk. Abe goes and Marlena appears. Val says she put Brady on the list for a new heart, just in case. Marlena is close to tears.

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Eli finds Gabi at the square. He grabs her in a kiss, thankful she cared enough to risk him being angry. He’s not angry. They snuggle and Sonny and Paul appear with a present for a birthday party Arianna’s going to. Gabs runs off to give it to her kid and Sonny quickly tells Eli about Deimos taking off to Greece. They’re sure that’s where Nicole is and that he’s in on the kidnapping. Gabi returns and asks what Deimos did now. They tell her, confidentially, and she says she’d love to see Deimos behind bars.

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