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Episode # 13084Joey waits on a drunk fella at the pub, who refuses to pay his bill. The guy drains his beer and rips up the bill. Tripp arrives and between the two brothers, they get the man to fork over the money and throw him out. Steve arrives after and they tell him the story. He smiles as Tripp says he will always stand up for the underdog – like Steve. They bond a little and Steve goes. Tripp admits to Joe he’s starting to understand their father.

At SPD, Rafe asks Snake where he got the Halo. “Who is your supplier?” He won’t say. Eli brings in some dude named Pez (played by Allen Theosky Rowe) who is also dealing and tries to get one of them to roll over on the other. Snake admits it comes from Chicago so Eli takes him to look at mug shots while Pez tells him his Halo comes from a lab right in Salem.

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In her hospital room, Lani shakes with withdrawal symptoms that she hides from JJ. Meanwhile, Jade goes to Kayla’s office, asking her for a car to get around. Kayla says that’s never going to happen. In fact, they’re cutting her off as of now. Her mother called her and said she’s been offering financial and emotional support for a while. Jade lied to her!

Hope bumps into Abigail at the square. Abs says she and Chad are done and he’s going away on business. Hope is automatically suspicious and questions Abs. Abigail shrugs and goes.

Episode # 13084At the DiMera mansion, Chad accidentally drops a small box holding a figurine he bought Abby. It smashes. Harold interrupts. Chad’s security guard had an accident and can’t make it on his trip, and none of his other security detail will go, worried about the curse on the amulet. Chad smirks. He’ll go himself.

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Back at the hospital, Abigail visits Lani, who is hiding her withdrawal symptoms. She kicks them both out, thanking them for coming, but once they’re gone, clutches herself, in pain. Eli arrives and sees her hunched over and sweating. He wants to get a nurse but she begs him not to tell anyone. He tells her about Pez and asks if she remembers anything from the night she was attacked. She doesn’t and wants to get on the case again. Eli calls her a hero to risk her life for those women. Back in Kayla’s office, Kay accuses Jade of using them and says goodbye. Jade doesn’t think it’s a good idea to cross her. Besides, she thinks Joey will come back to her. Kayla seethes. Joey is not in love with her. She asks her to move on. Jade goes and Steve brings roses to Kay. They kiss and Steve tells her about what went down at the pub. Kayla’s happy to hear but worried Jade will tell their secret.

Hope goes to Chad. She asks if he has heard from his father. He hasn’t and doubts he will. She was sorry to hear of his marital break up. He barks out a laugh, telling her Abby left him – again. Hope sees his luggage questions where he’s going. He assumes Abigail ratted him out. Hope says that’s untrue, so Chad says he’s going away on business. Hope asks him to be careful, worried it’s illegal. She urges him to be careful and asks him to call if he needs her. Episode # 13084She goes and Chad calls Abby.

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In the park, JJ asks Abigail how things are going. She likes her job and feels like her life is her own. He’s proud of his sister. She asks if he and Lani are serious. He shrugs. For now he is just enjoying being with her.

Chad meets Abby at the square. He tells her about his visit with Hope and that he doesn’t appreciate his wife calling the cops on him. That’s not what Abigail did. They argue and she tells him she has finally realized they’re not meant to be together. Episode # 13084He’s shocked. He tells her about this porcelain figurine he bought her and how he accidentally broke it. He’s overcome with emotion as he says that no matter how broken something appears to be, you can always fix it. Abby disagrees.

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Jade meets Tripp in the park and rants about how Kayla cut her off, even though she protected them. Tripp wonders if she means she knows a secret. Is it about his mother? He asks point blank if Kayla murdered his mother and Jade says, “Yes.”

Hope brings Rafe dinner at SPD. She tells Rafe she’s heading to Greece. She’s afraid Chad will get himself into trouble and she has to stop him before he goes too far.

Back at the mansion, Chad can’t bring himself to toss out the broken figurine.

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