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Dario drops by SPD to ask Abigail out to dinner – as friends. She agrees.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad tells Kate he is flying to Greece tonight to meet with the middle man about the amulet. Kate has had time to reflect and thinks this a bad idea. Chad mocks her, asking if she’s afraid of the curse. She insists she’s not but is worried for his safety. “You’re not Indiana Jones!” Chad jokes, “That reminds me. I need my whip.” He grows serious and says it’s good for him to take his mind off things. He calls Abigail to let her know he’s going to meet her at work to talk.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos takes a call and says he can’t meet with the middle man at this time even though he’ll be in Greece tending to another matter. He says to keep ‘it’ safe. He disconnects and finds Maggie eavesdropping. She thanks him for finding Nicole and Brady. She hates Xander and is so afraid for Holly and Nicole. Deimos promises he’s not giving up on them.

In the square, Eric and Jennifer work on finding Xander and Nicole, thanks to a tip from some guy Eric knows named Bruno. They start making a rescue plan and he makes her promise not to tell anyone. When he returns, they’re going on “that non-working dinner,” he says, making Jenn giggle. He kisses her before he leaves.

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nic-play-with-holly-days-nbcIn Greece, Xander approaches Nicole’s cage. Upset, she demands to know where her kid is. He assures her Holly’s fine and with the nanny. He never thought he’d get another chance with Nicole. Seeing red, she grabs her water and throws it at him. He’s mildly annoyed and takes off his shirt. Later, he gets another shirt and lets her out to snuggle Holly. He brings up the men in her life and asks if she has forgiven Eric yet for killing Daniel. She tears up and says no. Xander wonders what was bothering Eric to make him drink and drive, saying it was so out of character. He questions if it has to do with Nicole. She brushes off his questions but he recalls that they were once lovers. Nic doesn’t want to discuss her personal life. Xander says he’s been biding his time until he could take revenge on her and Theresa. He’s thrilled to have destroyed her domestic bliss with Brady. Nicole’s sure that people are looking for her. That’s what he’s hoping for. When the time comes, he’ll be prepared. Nicole questions how he came to afford this island. Xander tells her he had offshore accounts. He watches her with Holly and notes she’s a good mother. Nic says a baby has always been her endgame. She asks what his is. He doesn’t want to reveal the details.

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Chad arrives at SPD with Thomas and lets Abigail know he has to go out of town on business. She asks where he’s going but he doesn’t think they should talk about that. “Right,” she says, remembering it’s illegal. She has Thomas say goodbye to his daddy and asks him to be careful.

Eric goes to Brady’s hospital room and tells him about his plan, then notices he looks worse. Brady tells his brother that the gunshot is causing trauma and his body has begun rejecting Daniel’s heart. Brady asks him to use all of the money he has to get Nicole somewhere safe. Eric goes and when Brady’s asleep, Deimos appears and says he can’t forgive him for turning Nicole against him. Once he rescues Nicole, she’ll end up with him, not Brady.

Chad returns home, dejected. He tells Kate that this didn’t go over well with Abigail and bemoans his promise to keep DiMera business on the up and up. Kate says this company is on shaky grounds. They have to ensure Thomas’ legacy is secure. Chad nods. He’ll go. His house doesn’t feel like home anymore anyway.

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At the square, Abigail regales Dario with stories of her first day at work. He brings up wanting to concentrate on GDR, blaming Deimos for taking away his father’s dreams of building an empire. Abigail believes he’ll make it a success. He holds Thomas so Abigail can eat and they look cozy when Chad and Kate walk up. They walk away and Abigail tells Dario she doesn’t love him and doesn’t want to lead him on. He knows.

At the pub, Kate and Chad drink and Chad rants about Dario hanging around with his wife and his son. Kate mutters that she might have moved on and she’s free to be with whomever she wants. “Is it over? It’s over, isn’t it?” Chad asks.

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On the Titan jet, Eric takes a call and then tells the pilot they’re headed to Greece in order to find out where this private island of Xander’s is.

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