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At the Brady’s pub, Rafe and Hope discuss meeting Wyatt today. Jennifer stops by and Hope says she can’t wait to interrogate the kid. Jennifer smirks, having heard Wyatt was a nice guy. He doesn’t know what he’s walking into. Hope just wants her daughter to be with someone who makes her happy. Episode # 13082Talk turns to Eric and Jenn says things are moving slowly, but she’s hopeful. Jenn gets a text that Brady’s in the hospital.

Wyatt and Theo play a video game at the loft while Claire mentions having the meeting with the record executive today. Wyatt tells Ciara they should go soon and Jade mocks them. They get rid of Jade and while the girls go into another room, Theo wants to give Wyatt more tips but Wyatt doesn’t think he needs them anymore. Theo asks him not to screw things up with Ciara’s mother.

In Greece, Nicole hits Xander over the head with a vase, knocking him out. She goes into the living room and since there are guards outside, she finds a phone and a hiding place. Xander comes to and starts to yell. He rushes past her, thinking she’s gone outside but then runs back inside and grabs the phone from her, before she can make a call. nic-in-cage-greece-days-nbcHe reminds her they’re on his private island. Even if she escaped the guards, there are shark infested waters. Xander takes Holly, telling Nic that she made a mistake trying to escape and now will suffer the consequences. Xander locks her in a cage and gives the kid to a nanny. Nicole cries and begs to be let out, especially when Holly cries.

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Brady has a meltdown at the hospital, worried about what Xander will do to Nicole. Eric agrees to try to find Nicole and Holly for him, and bring them home. Brady has already got the Kiriakis jet on standby. He appreciates this so much. “I know we’ve had our moments,” he says. “None of that matters now,” Eric says. He leaves and Brady flashes to getting domestic with Nicole. Jennifer arrives and asks Val if she can visit Brady. Eric appears from Brady’s room and fills Jenn in on Xander shooting Brady. Eric says Brady sent him on a mission to find Nicole and the baby. Jenn worries that it’ll make him an accessory to the crime. Eric knows. He owes it to his brother. Besides, Daniel’s child is out there somewhere. Jenn follows him out, wanting to help.

Episode # 13082Wyatt and Ciara show up at the pub. It’s awkward. Wyatt compliments Hope’s necklace and then says she’s not a typical cop. She’s flustered but when Wyatt brings up being a Cubs fan, they all bond. Ciara takes Wyatt on a tour of the kitchen while Hope calls Wyatt ‘too slick’. Rafe gets a distressing call and has to leave. Wyatt insists he get the bill and while he’s gone, Hope asks Ciara to take things slowly with him. They pinky swear on it.

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Claire returns to the loft later, after her appointment with the exec, and cries on Theo’s shoulder. The executive turned her down and she’s discouraged and angry. Theo encourages her to stick to it. He goes, bumping into Jade on his way out. Jade returned for some snacks, and learns that the record exec dumped Claire. Jade reminds her of her idea to make a sex tape. Claire laughs but Jade says not to knock it until you try it. Claire’s grossed out but Jade asks what other options she has.

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In the square, Jennifer and Eric work together to find Nicole and Xander. They make some calls. Eric calls someone named Bruno and asks if he has heard from Xander lately. Bruno has…

Rafe arrives at the hospital. He visits with Brady and hems and haws before saying he has to arrest him. Brady gets himself worked up over Nicole and codes. Valerie rushes in and he passes out. She cares for him and then turns on Rafe, who admits he arrested Brady. Val says Eric’s body is beginning to reject the heart transplant. Rafe looks upset.

Episode # 13082At the park, Wyatt tells Ciara her mom is nice but scary. Wyatt nervously asks if she’d like to be exclusive with him. She’s in. They say, “Cool,” and kiss to seal the deal just as Theo walks up.

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