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Episode # 13081At the pub, Steve leans in and gives Kayla a yellow rose. Tripp calls and wants to see Kayla at the park – alone. He disconnects and Steve and Kayla wonder what’s up.

In the square, Chloe runs into Eric. It’s uncomfortable. She tells him she was in New York with her family, trying to take her mind off of Holly. Eric’s sorry. Has Chloe thought of compromising with Nicole for custody of Holly? Chloe is still thinking.

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Deimos finds Sonny at the hospital and asks how Brady’s doing. Sonny, arms folded across his chest, asks why Deimos is even there. Deimos plays it cool. Sonny presses him on how he could make a mistake in thinking Xander had drowned? Episode # 13081Meanwhile, Brady wakes up to Paul at his side. Brady has questions about Tate and Nicole. Marlena rushes in, shocked to hear Xander did this. Brady fills Marlena in on the full story. She thought Xander drowned. Brady attempts to get up but Marlena says one of his lungs has collapsed. Paul leaves the room and Brady reveals he and Nicole are in love. Marlena mutters that maybe he ‘thinks’ that now, but… Back in the waiting room, Sonny continues to accuse Deimos, who snipes that he doesn’t have time for this. He goes and Victor finds Paul and Sonny. He wants to see his grandson. He heads in to see Brady. “Good to see you again,” he says, sarcastically. Marlena leaves them alone and Victor admits he had a good lecture prepared but then Brady had to go and get shot and ruin it for him. Victor asks why he keeps saving ‘this woman’. “She’s fun. She makes my life fun,” Brady says. Also, he loves her. “Oh for crying out loud,” Victor says. Outside, Marlena calls Eric.

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Episode # 13081Nicole wakes up in Greece with Xander holding Holly. He asks if the baby is hers or Chloe’s. Nicole demands he hand Holly over and he does, telling her not to get her “knickers in a twist.” Nicole thought he drowned but Xander says, “Funny thing about that river. People who fall into it don’t seem to stay dead.” He lies that Brady’s dead. “Dead dead, not river dead.” He taunts her about Brady, accusing her of “shagging” him so he’ll pay her bills. She’s offended and calls him a pig. Deimos calls and tells Xander that the plan is, he needs to be the one to rescue Nicole, so she’ll be happy to see him. They disconnect and Xander admits he lied. Episode # 13081Brady’s alive but he’s in rough shape. Xander gets in Nicole’s face, wanting to ensure she’ll do what he wants. She agrees to behave but when he brings her nappies and formula, she hits him over the head with a vase and runs out.

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Back at the square, Eric learns Brady’s in the hospital and tells Chloe. She rushes off with him.

Kayla finds Tripp at the park. He tells her that he read his mother’s police files and learned that Ava drugged herself at Kayla’s house. Episode # 13081He asks why they never told him and if she can explain herself. Kayla says they didn’t tell him because he already heard so much, it would have seemed cruel. She explains how Ava injected herself with morphine and that Kay saved her life. She asks Tripp to move on from the past. Tripp can see he’s blaming Steve too much.

Paul runs into Steve at the pub. Paul asks Steve to keep track of Deimos. They need to get to Nicole before Deimos does. Paul goes and Kayla returns to update Steve with Tripp’s questions. Steve’s pleasantly surprised.

Back at the hospital, Chloe and Eric burst into Brady’s room. Once they realize he’s okay, he explains everything. Chloe looks terror-stricken. In the waiting room, Victor tells Sonny he’s proud of him. Sonny rides him for letting Deimos into their lives. Marlena returns to Brady’s room to find Chloe yelling at Brady. The older woman drags Chloe out as Brady’s guilt over not protecting Nicole overcomes him. A cop arrives to arrest Brady for aiding and abetting a kidnapper. He asks for a statement and Brady tells him everything. Afterward, Brady asks Eric to find Nicole and Holly for him. Back in the waiting room, at Victor’s request, Sonny calls Justin to ask him to come to the hospital while Deimos lies that he didn’t know Xander was alive. Chloe goes to Deimos for help in getting Holly back. Nearby, Marlena makes a call to John’s contact with news that Brady’s been shot but the contact divulges that John’s missing.

Paul meets Sonny in the square. They plan on finding Holly before Deimos does.

Back at the park, Tripp calls Angelo and tells him he thinks Kayla killed Ava, not Steve.

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