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Roman’s feeling good being back to work at the pub, talking about his allergic reaction. He compliments how well Jennifer and Eric are working together at the Horton Center on the dance off.

At TBD, Dario tells Myron that ripping off Countess Wilhelmina was so lucrative, they’re going to try it with another company.

Rafe and Hope meet at the square where Rafe asks Hope to accompany him to her first Hernandez family luncheon.

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From the hospital, Val takes Marlena to lunch and Gabi stops Julie and accuses her of faking that heart attack. Julie slams Gabi for being a murderess and Gabi asks Julie to butt out of her life or she’ll let Eli know she faked the heart attack.

At Salem Inn, Snake forces Lani at gunpoint to take the Halo. She coughs and sputters and JJ kicks in the door, brandishing his own gun and yelling, “SPD!”  Lani tells JJ how much of the drug is in her system and says she’s already feeling it. Snake orders JJ to drop his gun and kick it. Once JJ does, Lani elbows Snake in the gut. Raines and another cop show up and arrest Snake as Lani runs to the bathroom to induce vomiting. JJ calls 911 for a paramedic.

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Episode # 13080At the square, Eric shares a story with Jennifer about an old lady calling the center by accident to order a pizza and how he had it delivered for her anyway. They laugh until nearby, Victor yells, “How dare you?” He rants about them disgusting him and Eric talks about his guilt but knows his suffering won’t bring his friend Daniel back. Victor says if he was there, he’d want to wring Eric’s neck for driving drunk. Eric agrees, but Daniel was also about healing. He’d want Eric to dedicate his life to helping others. Eric turns from Victor to see Jenn crying. She agrees with his thoughts. They make plans to see each other again soon, eyes lingering over each other as they leave.

At TBD, Gabi and Hope listen to Dario and Rafe argue about Rafe arresting their father. Gabi apologizes that Hope has to hear their family drama. Hope shrugs. She tells Dario that his pain isn’t any worse than Rafe’s. Dario agrees to a ceasefire. Since Hope voiced her opinion at their family dinner, he and Gabi say they need to know what her intentions are with their brother. Hope and Rafe grin. Hope wants to be with Rafe as long as he’ll have her. To cement their new bond, they do shots, and give Hope a second one with a worm inside. She cringes as she downs it. Everyone cheers. Hope and Gabi go looking at photos of Arianna while Dario reminds Rafe of the time they stole a taxi cab as young kids. They laugh as they reminisce. Meanwhile, Gabi tells Hope neither Dario nor Rafe ever ate the worm when they did shots. Hope’s eyes widen and they laugh. Hope sees Myron come in and Gabi tells her who he is. Later, Hope tells them all they have to do this again soon. She’ll bring the worms!

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Back at the pub, Abe meets Valerie and Marlena for dinner just as he receives a text from JJ that Lani’s in the hospital. He and Val rush off. Roman appears and they talk about Jennifer and Eric spending time together. Marlena says neither is good for the other since they’re still in recovery, but Roman argues that Jenn’s the only person who can get through to their son.

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At the hospital, Lani’s tied to the bed, writhing. Valerie tells JJ and Abe they can’t give his daughter anything. They have to let it get out of her system. They wait in the waiting room and Raines pops by for an update, then tells them that they found a warehouse with six hookers who are barely alive. He’s visibly horrified, telling them that Snake had them all hooked, making them useless to Snake after a while. He’d dry them out for a while and then start making them deal and take the drug again. Abe is angry that his daughter was involved but JJ calls Lani a hero. Later, JJ sits with Lani as she starts to scream.

Marlena meets Jennifer at the park and lets her know her thoughts about it being too soon for her and Eric to see one another. She’ll always be grateful for what Jennifer has been to her son and hopes she understands why she crossed that line. Jennifer understands and says they’re good, but looking hurt, she walks away. Paul calls and tells Marlena Brady’s been shot.

At the pub, Hope meets Julie. They discuss Dario possibly doing something illegal. If Rafe found out, he’d be crushed.

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