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In the park, Steve and Joey lament how last night’s dinner didn’t go well with Tripp. Joey feels so guilty and cries when Steve begs his son to let him shoulder that guilt.

As Tripp helps Jade pack at the loft, he questions who Steve was protecting when he killed Ava. Jade says she thinks he was protecting his family which Tripp points out contradicts Steve saying it was for the ISA. Jade shrugs and urges him to leave it alone. Tripp goes and Joey arrives. He’s not sure Jade moving in with Tripp is a good idea. Jade again promises to keep quiet, “Even though I slipped up earlier.” Joey yells, “You what?”

Chad has summoned Kate to the mansion. He fills her in about a call with Grigor about acquiring this ancient Egyptian amulet worn by someone named Ramsey, which is worth 20 million. Kate’s in but Chad says it’s cursed. Kate finds that ludicrous but amusing. Chad says those descendants who owned it all met their makers.

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Jennifer runs into Abigail on her way to SPD for her first day at work. Abs feels good being independent. She leaves Thomas with Jenn for a visit. Jenn will take him to see Chad at noon. Once Abby’s gone, Steve wanders up. Jennifer asks how things with his new son are going. “Not so good,” Steve admits. He tells her about the sour family dinner.  Jenn assumes he’ll come around, asking him to remember that it took him time to get used to Jack being his brother.

At SPD, Lani flirts with Snake on a call in the interrogation room, then pages Raines. JJ interrupts, wishing she would have stayed at the hospital longer. Lani shrugs. She’s learned Dolly’s phone has been disconnected, and wonders why. JJ’s concerned but glad she’s not on the case anymore. He leaves and Raines turns up. Lani tells him about Snake wanting to meet. Raines is concerned she could be walking into a trap and plans on being her backup. Abigail arrives and starts work. She gives JJ some paperwork. Lani and Raines come out of interrogation and JJ tells his sister that he knows Lani didn’t give up her case. He has a tracker on her phone for safety’s sake.

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Raines gets Lani’s mic fixed to her blouse at the park. He puts on a listening device and tells her to leave once he admits he drugged her.

Back at SPD, Abigail brings JJ a cell phone and he puts in an ear piece as she relays concerns that something will happen to him and he’ll have no backup. She goes and runs into Tripp. They introduce themselves and learn they’re cousins. He wants information on Ava’s death so Abigail fetches a copy of her file for him to keep, since it’s public record. He takes a look at it and learns Ava was in the hospital when Steve killed her. He asks why. Abigail says her aunt Kayla found her with a syringe in her arm and saved her life, but when Ava came to, she accused Kayla of attempted murder.

Jennifer arrives at Chad’s with Thomas and tells him Abigail’s at work. This puzzles him so she tells him about the receptionist job at SPD. Chad’s surprised. Talk turns to them reuniting. Chad worries Abby’s newfound independence will allow her to be open to other men. Jenn doubts that. Chad brings up Dario but Jenn knows Abby’s not interested in him.

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Lani meets Snake at Salem Inn. She’s ready and reporting for work. Snake’s thrilled. “Let’s get you started, hot stuff.” Lani says first, she needs to know why she blacked out last time. Snake admits he gave her something to relax her since she seemed nervous. Raines and JJ are listening at different locations and both mumble that she’s got everything she needs, but Lani sticks around and gets Snake to admit he’s also got his girls taking and selling Halo. When she refuses to take any, he grabs her and forces a pill down her throat. She struggles and Raines and JJ gasp in horror. Raines calls for backup and both he and JJ rush to Salem Inn. Meanwhile, Snake grabs his gun and tells Lani to take 3 more pills. Lani says she’ll overdose. That’s his plan.

Abigail arrives at Chad’s on her lunch break with Thomas’s favorite toy. It’s awkward and he apologizes for his behavior last night. He tells her he loves her and will give his support for her needing space.

Tripp watches Steve call Kayla and get her coffee order in the square. Once Steve leaves, Tripp looks through Ava’s case folder.

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