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Gabi rips apart her serviette at Mandalay, annoyed that Abigail won’t believe that she doesn’t want to be with Chad anymore. Eli kisses her to take her mind off her troubles as Chad walks up. When a call from Abigail comes in for Chad, his phone beeps and Gabi and Eli break from their kiss, startled. They get up to “go somewhere quiet” and Chad fumbles with his phone. Eli gets a work call and leaves the area. Chad stammers about Gabi and Eli getting closer. As he tries to engage her, Gabi tells him to go back to his wife. He leaves and she flashes back to better times with him. Eli returns, having put out a few ‘work fires’. He assumes she was trying to make Chad jealous, earlier. She apologizes. They go on and on about Chad and Abigail until Eli puts an end to it. They agree to head to the dance contest at TBD coming up. Gabi thinks because her brother owns the club, she’ll be disqualified. Eli thinks she just doesn’t want to dance. He puts on some tunes and they have fun dancing.

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sonny-plays-bad-guy-days-nbcPaul and Sonny arrive in Winnipeg to see Deimos’ pilot. Paul’s eyes widen as Sonny pulls a gun and asks where the dude’s boss is. He doesn’t know but says he gave Deimos Brady and Nicole’s address. He gives it to Sonny and the guys take off. Meanwhile, Nicole’s shocked that Xander’s behind the mask. He says they’ve some unfinished business. Nicole offers anything if he’ll leave the kids with Brady and call 911. He’s not interested and pistol whips Brady, knocking him out. He rubs Nicole’s bad luck with guys in her face and tells her it’s time to go. She sobs as he forces her at gunpoint to leave. Later, Deimos shows up at the pilot’s hotel and lets him know he gave his nephew Nicole’s address. Deimos is furious but then wonders if given the situation, it could work to his advantage. Later, Xander drops by Deimos’ room with Holly. He says he chloroformed Nicole and stuck her in the trunk of his car. Deimos isn’t too crushed to hear Brady’s probably breathing his last right now as Xander had to shoot him. Deimos finds this plan brilliant. He chuckles about convincing everyone that Xander was dead. “I’m starting to think the name Salem is synonymous with gullible.” He tells his kin to take Nicole and Holly to his private island in Greece. He’ll track them down and “save” them, which he feels will win him Nic’s heart. brady-after-shot-hospital-nbcXander says there’s a potential problem. From what he can tell, Nicole’s in love with Brady. Meanwhile, Sonny and Paul rush into Brady’s cabin and call 911 while they take Tate from his crib. Later, Brady awakens in the hospital, asking for Nicole and the kids. Sonny reassures him that Tate’s fine and with the nurse. Brady tells them Xander is alive – he took Nic and Holly. Paul says Xander is dead. Deimos rushes in and pretends he doesn’t know what’s going on. They fill him in and Sonny accuses Deimos of being in on it. Deimos denies that.

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Back at the park, Abigail disconnects from her call to Chad as Dario walks up. Abby tells Dario she saw Eli and Gabi kissing and that Gabs insisted she has moved on. Dario asks if she’s sure she wants to move on from Chad, considering how unhappy it’s making her. Abby doesn’t feel she has a choice, calling Eli a rebound.

chad-and-abby-and-dario-tbd-runin-days-nbvAt TBD, Dario gets Abigail a drink and they discuss her first day at SPD coming up. Nearby, Kate does business on a call with Chad. When she spots Dario with Abigail, she asks him to come to TBD. Dario and Abigail laugh as they talk about the dance off. Chad walks in and sees them. He approaches and asks why she called. She lies that it was a pocket dial. Dario tries to get Chad to take a hike. Chad’s pissed and they start getting physical. Kate rushes over and her and Abs tear the men apart. Kate takes Chad outside. Chad yells at her, knowing she asked him there on purpose. Kate admits it. She was hoping that he’d accept the situation. It’s time for him to move on. Back at the club, Dario tells Abs he’ll be her loyal friend til the end, and knows she doesn’t see him as a beau. She thanks him.

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