Episode # 13067At the DiMera mansion in her bedroom, Abigail reads Chad’s high school yearbook where Gabi signed it with note about baseball. Abs thinks, “It’s always been Gabi.” Andre interrupts with flowers for her special day and she shares her insecurities, that Chad loves Gabi better than her. Andre suggests she’s overthinking things. Chad’s feelings for Chad will eventually dissipate. Abigail thinks she needs to step aside. Andre shares that Abigail’s intense love for Chad brought out the best in him and in Chad. Abby doubts that. Andre calls her Chad’s future. “I’m not sure,” she muses. “Get sure,” Andre says, raising his voice. Abigail comes around.

Across the square from Chad, Kate encourages Gabi to go to Chad now, before he remarries Abigail. Gabi frets. She can’t risk Chad and Abigail’s marriage. Before Kate can go get him herself, Chad walks away.

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Downstairs at the mansion, Kate, JJ and Jennifer arrive. As Kate’s about to object to the vow renewal, Andre bursts in and takes her aside, asking her to keep her objections to herself. Abigail comes in, dressed in a pink gown, and Andre shushes Kate. Everyone tells Abigail she looks “smashing,” and they get things underway. Episode # 13067Chad and Abby give a sweet speech and ask everyone to join hands. Andre has to force Kate to hold Jennifer’s hand. It’s awkward and the vows begin. Chad talks about Abby being a light at the end of a tunnel and gives her a new ring to commemorate a new beginning. He tears up as he takes his bride “now and forever.” Abigail talks about how he turned things around for her, saved her, and then she falters. She repeats, “You saved me.” Kate interjects. “You said that already.” Abigail doesn’t want him to give up who he truly loves, and has realized that life’s not a fairy tale. She asks everyone to give them time alone and once they leave the room, Abigail says she can’t do this. He cries as she says she can’t be his wife anymore. “You belong with Gabi.” He shakes his head, no.

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At their cottage in Canada, Nicole’s distant with Brady. She relays her worry that everything is going to come crashing down upon them. Brady brushes away her concerns. It’s not as though Scooter knows their real names. Nicole purses her lips, knowing that’s not true, but says, “Right.” She talks about her history and all the nasty things she’s done. She’s no better than Deimos. Brady scoffs at that. He thinks mothers get a free pass for stuff like kidnapping. He gets the kids ready for a visit to the Farmers’ Market and Nicole begs off, wanting to rest. Once Brady’s gone, Nicole counts back from 5, assuming Scooter is salivating near her door, waiting to come over. She’s right. He shows up immediately and reminds her he’s not going anywhere until he gets what he wants. Nicole tells him there is no way in hell that she’ll have sex with him. Scooter’s been dreaming of this for years. “I want to have a hot time with Locker Room Lolita.” If she doesn’t do him, he’ll have the Mounties breaking down her door. Later, Brady returns and Scooter’s gone. Nicole asks if they can leave town tonight. Brady calls it ‘too risky’. They’ll wait for the new IDs. She tears up but Brady makes her giggle while he tells her that Tate tried to ride the goats at the market. He goes to Holly when she cries and Nicole feels she doesn’t have a choice and must have sex with Scooter. She calls and leaves him a message to meet tonight at the Maple Leaf Motel.

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Gabi paces the square, thinking of calling Chad. Eli finds her and she cries as she fills him in on falling in love with her presumed dead BFF’s husband. Eli understands. He asks how Chad feels about her. She lets him know he loves both of them and that Kate wants her to interrupt the wedding. Eli agrees that she can’t make Chad be with her if he wants Abigail. Gabi’s sorry – this is not a great second date. He’s had worse. Julie arrives to give Eli some of his father’s personal effects – in private. Gabi jumps and takes off. Eli questions his grandmother’s rudeness. Julie wants her grandson to stay away from Gabi. They look over some old photos as Julie fills Eli in on Gabi murdering Nick – his cousin, and repeats that he ought to stay clear of Gabi. Episode # 13067Eli says with a smile that once she gets to know him better, she’ll learn that nobody tells him what to do. Once he’s gone, Julie vows not to let Gabi get her “claws into that boy.”

Eli finds Gabi at the pub. He tells her his grandma gave her an earful but he wants to hear her side about the murder on their next date.

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