Dario arrives at the DiMera mansion to discuss his profession of love for Abigail. Abby says there’s nothing to discuss. She’s in love with Chad.

At the square, Hope and Jenn discuss how well Eric’s doing at the Horton Center. Hope wonders if they’ll get together. Jenn says they had something once but she’s not sure if he is ready for anything. Hope’s rooting for them. Jenn goes off to see Abigail.

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Roman visits Eric at Horton Center to help him with a fundraiser. Roman’s happy to see his son busy and smiling again. He credits Jennifer. “That woman is good for you.” Roman gets a call from Arnie. Something is broken at the pub. Eric overhears and offers to help.

Chloe approaches Eddie at TBD for an update about her baby napping case but so far he has come up empty. She sees Kate walk in and grabs him in a kiss. When they break for air, Eddie realizes Kate was watching. Kate walks up, puzzled. Ed tells her he’s working for Chloe to find Holly. Kate replies, “I see she’s thanking you for your services with the only currency she has.” The enemies exchange barbs and when Chloe leaves, Kate calls what he’s doing ridiculous. Eddie says it’s not serious and then goes on record saying he wants her, is ready to commit to her, but since she’s not, she can’t tell him who to see.

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Brady arrives at Nicole’s cottage in Canada, surprising her with Tate. They put the kids down and Brady says he wants to be a family. Nicole is surprised he wants his son on the run. He doesn’t want Tate in Salem because the family war is getting worse by the day. He blurts that he loves her. Nicole discounts his feelings and calls herself a mess. Brady argues that he knows what real love feels like. Nic doesn’t think he’s over Theresa. Brady says Theresa proved who she really was. One day she can have a relationship with Tate but not him. They reminisce about being friends with benefits, who didn’t give themselves a fair shot. Nicole’s unconvinced so he kisses her. She calls him gorgeous and says it’s always complicated their friendship. What if she doesn’t love him back? He’s a patient man. Nicole says there’s a chance she may never return those feelings but Brady insists it could happen.

Episode # 13056At the square, Chloe takes a call from Parker while Eddie runs into Deimos. He notes his face looks bruised and asks, “You run into a door? Hey, Chad got you, didn’t he?” Ed threatens his life and goes to get some ‘froyo’. Later, Hope appears and greets Deimos, asking him about his face. Deimos shrugs it off and saunters off. Eddie returns to Chloe and they wonder if there is any point in pretending they’re together since Kate seeing them kiss didn’t throw her into his arms.

Back at the mansion, Abigail again lets Dario down gently and says she can’t hang out with him and then ask Chad to stay away from Gabi. It’s unfair. Dario understands and offers to be there for her if Chad ever hurts her. Jennifer arrives and thanks him for his part in rescuing her daughter. He goes and Abigail fills her in on on his feelings and how she told him they can’t hang out anymore. She’ll miss him.

Episode # 13056Jennifer turns up at the pub where she sees Eric fixing the plumbing. He asks for her help and they work together, giving each other a high five when it’s fixed. Afterward, he asks her out to lunch at Mandalay. They share a moment and agree to meet later.

On a park bench, Hope taps into a call Deimos makes where he’s promising to make Chad DiMera pay.

At TBD, Dario gets news on the kidnapping on a call and runs to tell his father.

Jennifer rushes by the pub in a new dress, texting Eric on her way to meet him, while Eric sits in the parkette, smelling a rose he bought for Jenn.

Hope arrives at the DiMera mansion to warn Abigail that they need to end this war.

Dario rushes to the square and tells Chloe and Eddie that a man described with Brady’s looks was seen crossing the border with Nicole. Chloe gasps.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole thinks her neighbor may discover who she is.

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