In her hospital room, Gabi assures her mom by phone that she doesn’t need to come. Eli enters with flowers – he’d like another date when she’s out of there. eli-gives-gabi-flowers-days-jjGabi gently declines, but he confidently puts his name in her contacts for when she changes her mind. When Eli expresses concern, and asks about what happened to her, Gabi accuses him of only wanting the goods on Deimos. Eli sighs and comes clean about the need to bring him down. Gabi tightly requests to change the subject. Talk turns to Eli’s mother calling repeatedly. Gabi draws him out. Eli admits his mom lied to him about his birth father, who was dead by the time he found out. Gabi’s sorry, but as a mom thinks Val must have had a good reason. She talks about her dad coming back looking for forgiveness, and offers to listen any time.

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In Adrienne’s hospital room, Sonny, Justin and Lucas arrive, followed by her doctor with the test results. Adrienne and the others are thrilled to hear they got all the cancer and it didn’t spread. Adrienne then learns she told Kate yesterday, ‘Tell him I love him’, but passed out before revealing which man she meant. Anne enters, and suggests she and Lucas get coffee, but Adrienne says they’re in the middle of something and eyeballs her until she exits. Lucas asks for a moment alone before Adrienne reveals her final decision. He gets emotional about her cancer being gone and wants her happiness – even if it’s with Justin. Adrienne is moved, but says she wanted to talk to Justin first. Lucas is sorry to have messed that up. Adrienne finally blurts to Lucas, “I chose you!” He beams. They kiss and Adrienne repeats that he is the one she wants for the rest of her life. Lucas reassures her about the surgery. “Nothing about you has changed.” Lucas exits, and sends Justin in.adrienne-chooses-lucas-days-jj Anne rushes over to Lucas, who breathlessly reveals Adrienne chose him. Anne assures him she’s happy for him, but runs off, upset. Meanwhile, Adrienne breaks the news to Justin that she chose Lucas. She will always cherish the time they spent together, but realized she needed something calmer and steadier. Justin paces. Adrienne protests that when it comes to the day-to-day stuff he gets bored… Justin understands and will always love her. She sobs and assures him she’ll be happy. Her ex assures her he won’t interrupt her ‘I dos’ again and kisses her forehead; they’ll be friends forever. Later, Sonny finds Justin in the waiting area and learns of Adrienne’s choice. He’s supportive, and Justin admits he’s not fine…but he will be. Sonny goes to see his mom, who is groggy. He hopes she made the right decision. Outside, Lucas and Justin agree they both wanted whatever made Adrienne happy. Lucas expresses hope they can be friends. Justin sighs, and asks Lucas to take good care of her and not take her for granted as he did.

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At the loft, Steve tells a disbelieving Tripp that he killed his mother on ISA orders. Tripp explodes and wants to get the hell out of there. Kayla and Joey appear. Steve repeats what he told Tripp as Joey shakes his head. He blurts that Tripp shouldn’t be mad at Steve; there’s something he’s not telling him. joey-kayla-tripp-steve-avas-death-days-jjKayla jumps in give the truth about Ava; she was not only lethal but also certifiably insane. As Tripp hears about the plane crash and the kidnappings, he decides both his parents are psychotic. Kayla defends Steve. Tripp doesn’t know what to think – she could be making it all up. He wants to know how his mother died. Steve intones that she was suffocated with a pillow. Tripp questions the method and, agitated, refuses to go anywhere with his father or hear anymore right now. Joey invites Tripp to stay there. Steve and Kayla reluctantly leave. Tripp thanks Joey. After, he reads about his mother’s exploits online. Joey wonders if he’s okay. Tripp concedes that his mom seems to have been a real whackjob. Joey only knows she was out to get his parents, and says his dad is a good guy. Tripp sneers. “A good guy who killed my mom.” When Joey goes into his room, Tripp phones someone to talk about Ava.

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In the park, Kayla hangs up her phone and shares the happy news about Adrienne with a jubilant Steve. Talk turns to Jade. Kayla is concerned that she or Joey will slip up and tell Tripp the truth. Steve will keep on taking the heat to protect Joe. Kayla just hopes their son doesn’t decide to protect him. Steve will talk to Joe, and isn’t sure how he’ll move forward with Tripp, but won’t give up.

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