Episode # 13055At the loft, Kayla examines Jade after she falls down the spiral staircase. She needs a thorough examination so they head to the hospital, and Steve asks Tripp to wait for them there.

Abe finds Val crying in the park. She’s sick of crying. Abe thinks she just needs to give Eli more time. Valerie has decided to stay in Salem. Abe’s happy to hear.

Outside the pub, a man approaches Deimos with a gun and tells him he is coming with him. Deimos asks if this is Chad DiMera’s doing but the goon won’t say.

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At SPD, JJ shows Chad a photo of Deimos’ goon, Rigo, (played by Brandon Morales). Chad lies that he hasn’t seen the man. JJ’s exasperated, knowing he’s lying. Chad says he’s positive the kidnapper was Deimos but he didn’t see him. It’s personal. He’ll take care of it himself. JJ warns not to go against the law. Chad goes and Eli arrives with an offer to help from the FBI with his caseload. JJ would love that but Raines “has the ego the size of Alaska,” so he wishes him luck. JJ gets a call and takes off on a case.

At the hospital, Steve reels over the knowledge that Tripp is really his son and bemoans not being with him while he grew up. Kayla comforts him. He goes and Val appears, wanting to know if the job as Cardiologist is still available. Since it is, Kay hires her on the spot. Meanwhile, in Jade’s room, she and Joey discuss Tripp and she brings up Joe killing Ava. Joey looks around, as if someone could hear but Jade promises it’s their secret. Kayla walks in and tells Jade, “You were close to an overdose.” Embarrassed at being caught taking too many pills, Jade lays it on thick, telling Joe she’s so overwhelmed with nobody to turn to. He says she has him. He’ll stay until she falls asleep. Kayla sighs knowingly, watching Jade grab for Joey’s hand. Later, when they’re alone, Kayla calls Joe out for sending Jade mixed emotions.

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Deimos is tied up in some warehouse. Chad arrives and says, “Ready? It’s time.” Chad’s goon walks in and beats Deimos’ face black and blue – and red, while Chad plays a video game on his cell phone. He stops and wonders what kind of sick animal would poison two women because he was bested by another man. Deimos says the war is supposed to be over. “Excuse me?” Chad asks. Deimos rants about Chad stealing his antiquities business and Chad taunts him about Nicole leaving him. It works and Deimos yells at him to shut up. Chad pulls a gun but Deimos doesn’t think Chad’s a killer. “Not yet,” the DiMera says, telling him the war ends now. He leaves Deimos tied up and wishes him luck getting out.

JJ finds Rigo in the park and arrests him.

Steve returns to the loft with food and Tripp asks why Steve has the eye patch. Steve says it was over a woman – he was fighting with his best friend (Bo) over a woman when they were in the Merchant Marines together. He admits most of his choices in women were bad ones except for Kayla. He opens up about Ava, telling Tripp Ava wasn’t stable, that she’s dead, and that he killed her. Tripp trips out.

Abe follows Eli to the pub and asks him to consider forgiving his mother but Eli’s not ready to so tells Abe to butt out.

Back at SPD, JJ tries to get Rigo to roll over on Deimos. It doesn’t work.

Abe arrives at Valerie’s room at Salem Inn. He tells her about his talk with Eli and confides that defending her made him realize he loves her. He never thought he’d feel this way after Lexi. Valerie tells him she’s in love with him, too, and they kiss.

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Steve and Kayla aren’t sure they can trust Joey to keep the murder to himself.

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