Brady and Nicole put Holly to bed at Nicole’s new house in Canada which is at “29 Moosehead Lane. Could that be anymore Canadian?” Nicole asks, lamely. Brady considers staying there with her but she thinks he needs to get back to his son. Someone arrives and Nicole panics. Hillary, (played by Jennifer Landon) introduces herself and meets ‘Freddie Smith’ and his wife ‘Bridget’. She tells them the place has been empty a year and has a welcome casserole for them. Episode # 13049They tell her Brady travels as a chemical something or other and Nicole used to be a decorator. When Hillary gets nosy, asking about their love story, they make something up. Hillary goes home and since Brady has to leave, Nicole kisses him goodbye. Once he’s gone, Hillary returns with banana bread and continues to talk about Nicole and Brady’s life together, in awe. Once she leaves, she receives a call from her captain and refuses a case from him, telling him, “This detective is on vacation.”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos and his goon discuss Nicole’s last sighting. He’ll deal with it tomorrow. Tonight, it’s time to take revenge on Chad.

At TBD, Dario tells Abigail that Chad’s about due to make his speech. Abby says he’s outside with Gabi, which makes Dario curious. Outside, Chad tells Gabi he’s in love with her. She tells him she loves him, but he cuts her off. He can’t be anywhere near her again, because he’s working on his marriage. Gabi starts to cry. Episode # 13049She understands that it’s time for her to let go of any thoughts of a future together. His happiness means a lot to her. Back inside, Dario can see that Abigail is uncomfortable and asks if she’d like him to find Chad for her. She refuses and calls Chad a good, decent man. Dario hopes so – for her sake. Back outside, Chad says once his feelings have passed, they can be friends again. They both admit it hurts. Eli walks up, interrupting. Introductions are made and they head inside. Gabi’s distant with Eli and runs off to Chad’s office to try to get it together, but ends up sobbing. Abigail follows her, sorry Gabi’s been hurt. Gabi lets her know she will stay out of Chad’s life. Abigail knows they need to be apart for a time but someday they’ll be a part of each other’s lives again. She returns to the party and dances with Dario, while Gabi returns to Eli and tells him about her new business, calling it a real challenge considering she spent time in prison. Eli raises a hand and says he doesn’t judge. He feels lucky to be with her. Meanwhile, Chad cuts in on Dario and Abigail and their song starts playing. Deimos’ goon appears and tells Abigail he’s a reporter for Salem Spectator. He asks for a quote about the evening – outside. She follows him out. Gabi tells Eli she’s sick and heads home and when Chad starts his speech, he calls for Abigail. When she doesn’t come, Dario goes outside to find her and sees her wallet and bag on the pavement.

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Episode # 13049At Mandalay, Eddie and Chloe discuss him finding Holly for her. Deimos appears and assumes Eddie’s Chloe’s white knight. He makes a few threats about ensuring she won’t see Holly again and goes. Chloe whines that she’s missing her friends and family but Eddie says she’s not alone anymore. She has him. Chloe appreciates that. He promises that the Hernandez men don’t quit until they get what they want. Chloe wants to repay him for his help. She knows how to press Kate’s buttons in order to make her jealous. He asks how and she kisses him. He tells her he’s in love with Kate. She grins. She knows. She’ll help him get Kate back.

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Deimos arrives at the Kiriakis mansion just as Brady asks somebody to fuel the jet. Deimos asks where Nicole is and Brady lies that he doesn’t know.

Deimos’ goon finds Gabi at the park…

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