Chad downs a drink at the mansion as Abigail appears. He calls her stunning and admits he’s nervous because he needs to talk to her about his feelings for Gabi. He tells his wife he and Gabi are in love with each other. Abigail tears up. “Are you leaving me for Gabi?” He says no, he wants to get over Gabi and continue to build a life with Abigail. He needs to cut Gabi out of his life. Tonight. His love for Gabi will fade but his love for his wife is forever. Abigail sees she too will have to cut Gabi out of her life, and agrees he needs to do it soon.

Episode # 13048As Gabi and Dario get ready for the party at Rafe’s, Gabi asks Dario to replace the bulbs in her bathroom so she can put on makeup. He doesn’t want to mess up his suit. Gabi teases him, assuming he wants to look good for Abigail. Dario assumes his sister wants to impress Chad. She tells him she’s got a date. They commiserate over being losers in love. He suggests they work together to break Chad and Abigail. Gabi refuses. She doesn’t want Chad unless he chooses her and knows Abigail won’t look Dario’s way since she’s so in love with Chad.

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Episode # 13048Eric and Jennifer kiss at the farm. He immediately apologizes. “I can’t want you. Us. I can’t love you,” he whispers. Jennifer says he already has. She’ll be waiting for him in Salem. She goes, leaving him smiling.

Theo and Claire make out on the sofa at the loft, half dressed, when Ciara arrives home. They jump up, startled. Claire yells at her, and Theo runs to his room. Claire accuses Ciara of returning to ensure they don’t have sex. Ciara denies that but maybe they shouldn’t be doing it on the sofa – or at all. Claire kicks her out and Theo comes out of his room. Theo’s not in the mood anymore. Claire says they can plan it. She’ll make reservations at Green Mountain Lodge. She calls to make a reservation.

Chad goes to get the car at the DiMera mansion as Jennifer appears. Abigail cries in her mother’s arms and tells her everything. Abigail blames herself for setting this all in motion. Jenn won’t believe that and says at least he told her the truth and he’s trying to make it work with her. Abigail agrees. Chad returns. Abigail goes to fix her makeup and Chad guesses Abby told her. He vows to put her and Thomas above all else.

Episode # 13048Maggie finds an upset Ciara in the square and asks if she’d like to talk. Ciara confides that she’s in love with Theo, but she pushed him away and now he’s with Claire. She tells her the story about writing the letter and how things tonight turned into a mess. Ciara rants that Claire doesn’t even love him but she has to live with it. Maggie encourages her to give Theo that letter and let him make up his own mind. They hug and Mags goes.

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Eric arrives in Salem and visits Maggie at home. She heard about his release from prison. Eric wants to make amends with her but doesn’t know how. He’s just trying to cobble together a new life to help others but if this is too painful for her…she stops him. “I’ve heard enough.” Maggie reminds him she too drank and got behind the wheel of a car. It doesn’t cause her pain to see him. She has no desire to see him throw his life away – if anything, he owes it to himself and Daniel not to let this second chance go. That’s all the apology she needs from him. He cries and she hugs him.

Episode # 13048Abigail and Chad arrive at TBD where the party is in full swing. Gabi and Dario appear. It’s awkward. Gabi goes to find her date, Eli, and Chad goes to practice his speech. Dario reveals he and his date broke up. Abby’s sorry. “Women come and go,” he tells her. Meanwhile, outside, Chad professes his love to Gabi.

Episode # 13048Ciara returns home and slips the letter into Theo’s bag while Claire watches quietly. Once Ciara leaves, Claire finds the note, reads it and is pissed, calling her BFF a backstabber.

Jenn arrives at Eric’s new office at the Horton Center as he looks at his bible.

Ciara goes to sit at the Horton Square, thinking she did the right thing.

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