Roman visits Eric at the farm. They catch up and Roman jokes that Eric’s coffee is worse than the coffee at the station house. Roman talks up the job at the Horton Center, knowing he can help others turn around their lives. He asks what changed and in walks Jennifer. Roman hands Eric a card for a realtor in Salem. Eric goes off to call her and Roman thanks Jenn, telling her that Marlena told him all about her calls to Eric. Eric returns and says he has an appointment to see an apartment. Roman’s grateful and takes off. Eric asks if Maggie or Nicole know he’s returning. Jenn looks downcast. She hasn’t told anyone yet. Eric blames himself for Nicole going on the run. When Jenn notices her photo on Eric’s desk, he’s embarrassed and says he needed to see a friendly face. He thought of her daily. They discuss where to go from here. Eric admits he’s not ready for a relationship but the more Jennifer sings his praises, the more he’s affected and they kiss.

Claire arrives at the loft, thinking about Ciara’s admission that she’s in love with Theo. Claire jumps into Theo’s lap and asks him to make love to her. Now. Surprised, Theo didn’t expect it to happen so soon. “Kids in committed relationships are doing it all the time,” she informs. Ciara arrives to pack. She’s staying at her mom’s tonight. Claire’s overjoyed and privately tells Theo the stars have aligned. Theo’s unconvinced. “Look what happened to Joey and Jade.” Claire says they’ll use protection. She can’t have a baby – she has a career as a singer ahead of her! She draws him into a hard kiss. He goes to buy condoms and Ciara returns. She’s glad they’re still friends. Claire smirks.

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Episode # 13047In the square, Eddie promises to help Chloe find her little girl. Overcome, Chloe thanks him with a hug. He pats her back, telling her it’ll be alright, as Kate witnesses the scene. She tells Eddie if he’s getting involved with Chloe, he’s making a mistake. Chloe tells Kate that it’s not how it looks and takes off, miffed, while Kate explains what went down between Nic and Chloe. “Eddie, she got pregnant by a dead man,” Kate explains, exasperated. She fills him in about how it happened to her, telling him about how Vivian had her embryo implanted into herself which turned out to be Philip. Eddie asks if Kate’s jealous. “Of her? Please,” Kate says. She goes and Chloe returns. Does he have second thoughts? Eddie says no, actually, thinking he just found a benefit of helping her.

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In the park, Nicole and Brady discuss heading to Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, when Holly feels feverish. Brady knows someone who can help.

Brady and Nicole arrive at Dr. Lee’s office. Brady tells him about the baby’s fever but the doctor doesn’t want to be involved. He examines the baby after Brady throws a fit, and gives her some medicine, then goes off to call Eddie, to ask him to come to his office straight away. Brady figures the doctor’s not trustworthy and takes off with Nic and the baby before Chloe and Eddie rush in. Lee is shocked. They told him they’d wait for him.

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Ciara runs into Theo at the park. It’s uncomfortable and he takes off. Julie appears and Ciara admits Theo’s the guy she’s in love with. Julie reminds her he’s dating Claire. She knows. She confides that she told Claire the truth but feels so awkward around him now. Julie thinks it’s time she told Theo, though Ciara doesn’t want it to backfire. Julie suggests she write it in a note. Ciara loves that idea and thanks Grandma before running off to write.

Kate arrives at the pub and orders a martini from Roman. He notes her appearance and asks if she wants to talk. Kate bemoans the scene she witnessed between Chloe and Eddie and Roman smirks. “Men love it when women tell them they’re stupid, gullible and wrong.” He tells her she’s got some damage control ahead of her.

Theo returns to the loft and notices Claire has blue fairy lights strung up on the window. They start making out.

In the square, Ciara writes a note to Theo, explaining she’s in love with him, then flashes to a possible outcome of him reading the note and kissing her. She heads home to drop off the note.

Ciara walks into the loft and sees Claire and Theo making out with him shirtless on the sofa.

Episode # 13047Nicole and Brady head to some alley. The baby’s fever is down. Nic urges him to go home but he’s staying with her.

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