At the hospital, Kayla assures Jade she’s not to blame for anything that happened. Steve enters with information on Tripp. Joey’s expression turns dark. Jade asks who is Tripp? They confide in her that Steve discovered Joey might have a half-brother. Jade expresses her appreciation to Kayla and Steve for them having her back, and they return the sentiment. Once alone, Jade tells Joey she loves him more than he will ever know, and goes on about it as he stays quiet. Joey finally sighs and admits that he doesn’t feel the same way but would like to stay friends. Jade, downcast, appreciates his honesty. When he exits, she cries.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos is in the process of briefing his goon when Rafe enters smirking and warns he’ll be looking around the Titan warehouses. Deimos snarks about a warrant before inviting him to go ahead – Titan has nothing to hide. They spar verbally about Rafe’s sister being found in a meat locker on Titan’s property. Rafe puts Deimos on notice and leaves.

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At the police station, Lt. Raines is ticked off when Hope introduces him to Eli, and orders her to stop playing tour guide and get back to work. Hope explains to Eli that she needs to work her way back into the force’s good graces after killing a man who turned out not to be dead. Rafe appears and introductions are made. Eli and Rafe bond over having the FBI in common. Rafe confirms there’s an opening in the Salem branch and tells Eli they could use some good guys. Once alone, Rafe updates Hope on his visit to Deimos, and vows to take the snake down. He gets a call that the search of the Titan warehouses turned up nothing; he’s not surprised. After, Rafe smiles at Hope’s determination to prove herself to Raines, though he feels she doesn’t have to. Later, Hope goes looking for Rafe when she gets his voicemail.

In his office, Chad and Gabi scramble to explain their close proximity to Abigail as he shrugs into his shirt. Talk turns to planning for the event that evening and the girls file out.

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In the square, Chad observes Abigail and Gabi chatting and looks vaguely uncomfortable. He approaches and kisses Abby. Gabi hastily exits as Deimos watches, grinning. Later, Abby leaves and Kate approaches Chad, chiding him about being torn between two lovers. They bicker. Kate opines that Gabi is so right for him. Chad knows that, but asks her to let it go, as what’s happening with the girls isn’t fair. Kate pushes a little more and he snaps, “Leave it alone.” Chad states that Abigail and Thomas mean everything. Kate questions the strength of that relationship when he’s pining for Gabi. Chad decides he should come clean about his feelings. Kate, appalled, says it’s a terrible idea – if he’s not ready to act on his feelings, why break Abigail’s heart? She advises him to be honest with himself first, as Gabi is a temptation that will always be around. Chad muses about avoiding Gabi altogether. Kate once again counsels that he may not have a marriage to save if he tells Abigail how he feels.

At Brady’s Pub, Steve reveals to Kayla that Tripp has a record for minor charges such as assault charges such as assault and theft. Kayla sighs. “I see.” He asks if she’s still up for this. Kayla assures her relieved husband she’s on board.

In Club TBD, Gabi assures Abby she really was just trying to make sure Chad was okay when she walked in on them. Abigail spots Eli and introduces herself and Gabi. Eli flirts with Gabi, as she shows him her gift bags from Gabi Chic, her new business. Eli reveals he’s thinking of staying in town. Abigail invites him to the benefit – as Gabi’s date. Gabi’s a little taken aback, but it’s agreed upon and they toast.

Hope arrives at Rafe’s place, which looks trashed. She pulls her gun and checks the rooms. Stunned, she locates Rafe in a bubble bath, grinning that it’s the only way he could get her there. She laughs as he starts pulling her in. They end up in bed and Hope cuffs a beaming Rafe to the bedpost, kisses him, and leaves to teach him a lesson as he protests.

Deimos returns home and tells his goon they’re refocusing on Chad DiMera – payback is going to be a bitch. Once alone, Deimos muses that tonight is the night for revenge – Chad won’t know what hit him.

At the hospital, Kayla and Steve talk to Joey about going to find Tripp. He’s freaked out since he’s the reason his mom’s not around anymore. They reassure him. Joey updates them on his talk with Jade and then goes to check on her. She whispers that they will be together after he exits.

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