Abigail plans a party at TBD, using Dario as a sounding board. She gets up to measure how tall the ceiling is and falls, right into Dario’s arms. They gaze at one another and share a moment. Neither makes a move to get out of the embrace until finally, Dario kisses her! She kisses him back and then Dario snaps out of his fantasy and lets Abby go. She asks him to bring a date to the party. He claims he can’t because he doesn’t know how to dance. Abigail teaches him a little. Myron appears and watches, then takes off. After Abby goes, Myron tells Dario he doesn’t like what he’s doing with Abigail.

Gabi stops by the DiMera mansion at Chad’s request. She’s on edge and thinks he needs to stop calling her over there for these meetings. This is hell for her, being alone with him. Chad apologizes. Since she’s there, she looks at the images and finds one that was in Deimos’ safe. Now they can find out who is supplying him and cut off the supply. Gabs goes and Andre appears. Chad fills him in and Andre sees two more photos that he recognizes. He’ll try to figure out where the items were stashed. Chad says if they can find them, they can deliver them back to the government they’re owned by. They’ll get reward money. “Or…” Andre says, they can sell them on the black market. Chad swipes the photos away and frowns. Andre goes and Abby arrives with Thomas. They update each other on their day and dance around with Thomas, happily. Abigail leaves the room and Chad considers calling Gabi.

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Episode # 13040At the hospital after the code blue in Hal’s room, Joey forces Jade to stay in bed while he checks on the situation. Meanwhile, Kayla uses the pads on him. Joey finds her and she explains that Mr. Michaels may have a blood clot, which could mean his new liver isn’t functioning. They rush him to the OR. Joey goes back to Jade to fill her in and she’s crushed but confused by her feelings considering she usually couldn’t care less about him. Later, Hal awakens and learns his new liver isn’t working and there’s nothing she can do about it. Hal’s pissed and starts yelling, a yell that’s heard by Jade and Joey. Joey goes rushing into Hal’s room and yells at Hal for disrespecting his mother. Kayla ushers him out and Hal thinks her and her “one-eyed husband” always looked down on him. “You wanted me to die, bitch,” he exclaims. Joe goes back to Jade, who feels more alone than ever, after he tells her what’s going on. She tells Joey about her father’s alcoholism and abuse she and her mother suffered. A nurse appears with medicine to put her to sleep.

At the pub, Steve meets Raymond, (played by Burt Bulos), the man he met in Jakarta previously, who told him that his son with Ava had died. Suddenly, Raymond wants to spill his guts and informs Steve he had very limited information about Steve’s son when they first met but now can confirm Steve’s son is alive. Steve has no reason to trust him so Raymond tells him a boy came to him looking for his biological parents. He went through his records and realized he was the baby Martino Vitali had given him. He has the birth certificate with Steve’s name listed as the father. Raymond hasn’t told the boy anything, since if he does, he’ll be caught for illegally selling babies. Raymond tells him to do a DNA test, gives him a card and then asks for a reward. Steve’s annoyed but hands over $272.00. “You come asking for more, you’ll regret it. Understand?” Raymond does.

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At SPD, Lani shows JJ her badge. She’s officially a cop again with the SPD. They get cute together and Raines spots them, telling them to take it down a notch or he’ll ensure there’s no fraternizing on the force. He gets in their faces and tells them they’ll be too busy to fraternize anyway. He goes and JJ shakes his head. Roman was his mentor. Lani wishes she had known he was the new commissioner before she reapplied!

JJ finds Gabi crying at the square. He asks what’s up and she refuses to talk about it. He’s sorry he upset her last time he saw her. He touches her arm and calls them friends as Lani watches. Gabi goes and JJ and Lani discuss Gabs then kiss.

Steve arrives in Jade’s room. He learns what happened with Hal’s complications. He’s sorry to hear. He eyes Joey holding Jade’s hand and then goes to find his wife. Kay’s in Hal’s room, where she attempts to calm him down. He accuses her of botching his surgery and plans on making her pay. Kayla decides to get him something to relax but Hal grabs the syringe and jumps out of bed and threatens Kayla with it. He thinks it’s epinephrine. Steve walks in and pauses, in shock at the display.

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