At the hospital, Jade’s father Hal grumbles about it being about time Jade finally did something nice for him. Kayla thinks it’s a great start for a new beginning with his Episode # 13039daughter. In Jade’s room, Joey tells Jade she doesn’t need to do this for her father. Jade has to or he’ll die. They hug and Steve appears as father and daughter prepare for surgery. “You did good, Jade,” he tells her, surprising her with his kindness. Once everyone is gone, Steve talks to his son about giving Jade mixed messages.

Justin arrives at the pub surprised to see Lucas. Isn’t it his day to take Adrienne to chemo? Lucas thinks it’s Justin’s turn. They realize she lied to them both.

Anne arrives at Salem Inn to see Adrienne who is a mess. Adrienne rushes off to throw up. Anne hadn’t heard from her boss and was worried. She offers to take care of Adrienne but AJ brushes her away from the vomit fest. Anne says, “Please, when you’ve had as many hangovers as I have, puke is like breakfast.” Adrienne kicks Anne out so she calls for reinforcements. Lucas and Justin turn up and pretend to be room service. Adrienne lets them in and while Justin cares for Adrienne, Lucas and Anne go get some broth. Justin recalls that Adrienne was able to keep watermelon down when she was pregnant. He gives her watermelon juice. It calms her stomach but she tears up, worried about her mastectomy to come and how it’ll change her beauty. Justin knows she’ll be beautiful even still. They share a kiss and Adrienne tells him she brushed her teeth after she threw up last. He finds that amusing and jokes at how romantic she is.

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At the square, Brady calls someone to update them with the news that he’s going after Nicole.

Tiffany arrives at Nicole’s safe house with groceries and steals Nic’s keys when her back is turned. Once alone, Nicole’s running a bath when Tiffany lets herself and her boyfriend in and they steal everything, including the baby. They stop along the way and when they see Nicole, they leave the baby behind. Nicole screams and brings her kid back to the hotel. She sobs and hopes Holly doesn’t have nightmares because of this. She regrets leaving her out here by herself when bathing and wonders, “What is wrong with me?” Nic knows Chloe would never let this happen. Outside, Brady finds a Basic Black bag. Realizing it’s Nicole’s he runs off. Meanwhile, Nicole takes off with Holly, leaving behind a pacifier. Later, Brady shows up and finds it. He hides and waits for Nic to return to find it. Once she does, he holds it up. “Looking for this?”

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Back at the pub, Lucas buys broth and tells Anne he thinks she’s starting to grow on Adrienne. They agree not to mention Anne sitting in his lap because Lucas figures Anne was acting out her romance book.

Back at the hospital, Joey visits Jade who is out of surgery. Outside, Steve tells Kayla that Jade is still into their son. He brings up Ava and how it’s his fault that Ava hurt his family. Kay says it’s over. Ava’s dead and can’t hurt them again. He asks Kayla on a date and jokes about going to a topless bar. It makes her laugh. Steve takes a call from some guy asking to meet. He goes and there’s a code blue in Hal’s room.

Lucas and Anne return to the Inn with food. Adrienne’s too queasy to eat so nibbles on the edge of a cracker and asks everyone to give her space.

Justin, Anne and Lucas walk through the square, discussing Adrienne’s coming surgery, wishing there was something they could do to make it more tolerable.

Steve meets some guy named Raymond at the pub and wants to discuss Ava Vitali.

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