At the safe house, Nicole prays. The next door neighbor, Tiffany, played by Ashley Dulaney, knocks on the door, looking for a clean towel so she can shower without feeling “skeevy.” She sees the baby and starts asking personal questions. Nicole calls Holly “Heather,” and claims she left her abusive husband. They chat a bit and Nicole says Tiffany reminds her of herself. Episode # 13038Tiffany offers to buy Nic some essentials so she’s not spotted by “her ex” and the girl glances at the giant stack of bills Nicole gets out. Tiffany goes to get supplies and meets her boyfriend in the alley. She tells him the new girl has loads of cash!

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Chloe rushes into SPD ranting at Hope to find her child. Hope’s restricted from field work but promises they’ll find her daughter.

Ciara finishes up dumping a guy on a call as she heads into the loft, where she finds Theo snuggling Claire on the sofa. Theo hears that Ciara’s date sucked. He thinks any boy would be lucky to be her boyfriend. Episode # 13038Claire rolls her eyes, privately. She urges her friend not to give up dating. “Whatever,” Ciara says. They leave her alone to dine at the pub and Hope turns up on her break. Ciara’s happy she got her job back. She talks about online dating and wishing she was with Theo. Hope hugs her and gives advice. She suggests Claire’s struggling with insecurities, which is why she’s flaunting him in her face. Hope suggests she be honest with Claire.

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At the farm, Eric flashes to the job offer at the Horton Center when Jennifer arrives. She’s surprised he wanted to see her. He’s sorry for trying to get rid of her last time. He says he’s decided to not accept the job. She grasps at straws, hoping to find him a job in the back room but he refuses her and yells at her to stop being stubborn. Jennifer gets a text about Nicole and fills Eric in on the entire story about Deimos, the IVF procedure and the kidnapping. Eric’s tears up, happy Nicole has a child, but he can’t believe what Chloe did to Nicole. He feels responsible. Jennifer tries to get him to see piling guilt on himself isn’t helping. She goes on about how kind and generous he is and he shouts to stop trying to save him. He can’t be around anyone now, least of all her, he confides. Jenn’s tired of his self-pity. He has his life back and it’s his choice whether or not to really live.

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Dr. Lee eavesdrops on a call Brady makes, looking for Nicole. Brady stops him and reminds him they’ve met. He tells the doctor that Nicole kidnapped her baby. Dr. Lee looks around, nervously, which makes Brady question him. The doctor admits he spoke with Nicole today, and relays the reason. He didn’t know she had kidnapped the child. Brady asks him to keep this quiet, and they both agree to tell the other if Nicole contacts them. One Lee’s gone, Brady calls someone to meet.

Episode # 13038Paul meets Brady at the park and hands over Dr. Lee’s card, asking Paul to trace Nicole without police involvement. Paul’s happy to help. Later, Brady runs into Chloe and they have an arguing match about whose Holly’s mother. Chloe starts bashing him and accuses him of being in love with Nicole. Brady denies it. He’s exasperated, reminding Chloe that her best friend only ever wanted a baby of her own. He tells Chloe she’s being cruel.

At the pub with Theo, Ciara’s lost in her YouTube followers. Theo learns there’s a pop quiz. He’s unprepared for. Claire brushes him away. She has more important issues. He rolls his eyes and goes to the library to cram. Ciara walks up and needs to tell Claire something but Claire’s too busy and runs off. Chloe arrives and cries outside on the bench, praying for Holly.

Brady meets Paul back at the park. Paul says Nicole made a call with her cell phone and he knows which tower the signal came from. Brady thanks him and takes off.

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