At the DiMera mansion, Abigail tells Chad someone called about the book donations. Hope walks in and Abigail runs into her arms, happily. They catch up and Hope tells Chad though she “didn’t kill Stefano,” she’ll regret shooting him for the rest of her life. Chad is only interested in the future. He smiles and she urges him to keep pushing for peace with the Kiriakis and Hernandez families.

At the square, Kate talks to Gabi about her new business. Kate’s intrigued and wants to come aboard. She’ll ask Chad, too. Gabi asks her not to. She won’t stand in the way of Abby’s happiness with Chad. Kate thinks Gabs should listen to her heart. Eddie walks up and Gabi thinks Kate should take her own advice. She admits she set them up and runs off. Eduardo wants to try to get together again but Kate tears up and says she can’t. Eddie will be at the club later if she changes her mind.

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Deimos walks in on Brady leaving Nicole a message, asking her to call him so he can help her. They argue about who is better suited to help Nicole.

Episode # 13037Nicole meets her anonymous source from a past story she covered at Titan. He found a safe place for her to stay. She heads into the house and deletes Deimos’ messages and calls Dr. Lee, asking what to do when her baby won’t take a bottle. Lee can help. Later, she microwaves her cell phone. She hears a noise outside and appears frightened.

Hope drops off breakfast at SPD for Rafe. When she tells him she baked muffins, he starts to laugh, knowing she’s a terrible cook. They talk about how good the sex was last night as they eat her muffins. Roman appears with Hope’s gun and badge. He welcomes her back on the force. Lt. Raines appears and lets it slip that Roman has decided to retire, leaving Raines the new police commissioner. Rafe and Hope are shocked. Roman takes Hope into the conference room and explains he’s been wanting to leave for a while. He tells her he’s proud of himself and what they’ve all accomplished together and this is about Bo. He’s emotional as he says Bo’s death took a lot out of him. He hasn’t been able to get it all back. He wants time to find himself. Hope tears up and they embrace.

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Kate and Andre arrive at the DiMera mansion. They heard Hope was there and don’t think she should be a frequent visitor. Chad argues that she didn’t kill Stefano and Abigail says this is their house now. She and Chad will decide who is welcomed there. Chad invites Andre to move back into the house and Andre accepts. Kate’s surprised when Chad allows her to talk business freely in front of Abigail. Kate wants to concentrate on their core businesses and disregard their enemies, while Andre is keen to sink more ships. Chad tells them about the photographs of the priceless artifacts he found in the Kiriakis safe they can use as an advantage instead of turning to violence. Chad thinks Gabi can help describe the photos. “Yes I think she can give you what you want.” Abigail shoots daggers at her.

Episode # 13037At the square, Abigail and Chad tell Andre about the book reading challenge and how it’ll make Chad and the family look generous. Suddenly, Arianna calls Chad’s name and runs into his arms. Gabi appears and Abigail looks upset. It’s awkward so Abby plasters a smile on her face and takes the kid to the park while Chad discusses the contents of the Kiriakis safe with Gabs and how he wants to steal it. Gabi offers to help. In the park, Abigail thinks about smashing her statue when Andre appears, telling her he’s in her corner. Abby says the fight for Chad is over and she won. Andre doesn’t really believe that. They head back to the square and Chad makes a speech about how important reading is for kids. Arianna interrupts, asking to be read to and Abigail seems put off as Gabi stands over his shoulder, watching. Andre tells Abigail she needs to find a way to keep them apart.

Brady arrives at SPD where Rafe asks if he knows where Nicole is. Brady doesn’t but agrees to call when he does. Later, Raines tells Rafe he’s not on Nicole Walker’s case and reiterates he’s cleaning up the way things are done around here. He gives Rafe the case on stolen antiquities and is clear he’s to work on it alone, glancing at Hope.

Kate arrives at TBD, sees Eddie, then walks back out.

Brady finds Maggie at the hospital. He hasn’t found Nicole yet and she says she hasn’t heard from her either. Dr. Lee hears him say that he worries someone will get hurt if he can’t convince her to come home.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor accuses Deimos of whining about Nicole.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Brady confronts Dr. Lee.

Eric won’t accept the new job.

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