In the hotel in Prague, Rafe’s on edge still and complains that Shane’s late. “Time is of the essence.” Shane arrives. Everyone’s happy to see him. He tells them Stefano’s been at one of the houses they’ve been surveilling.

At SPD in Salem, Justin tells Nicole her bail hearing went well. She’ll be out on bail soon. Nicole doesn’t feel any better. She’s still accused of murder and doesn’t have her baby girl. Justin says once he can legally prove she’s Holly’s mother, he’ll go back to the court. He goes and Nicole puts her head down. Daniel appears to her. “It’s not like you to be so defeated,” he says. She tells him about their baby but he already knew. He was trying to tell her that last time she dreamed of him. He promises that everything will be fine. She’s not so sure. Witnesses saw her stab a man. “It’s like I’m old school Nicole again,” she tells him. Dan knows she’ll win this fight. Nic sobs that he was supposed to be there to bring up their child. Dan tells her she’s got this. They hold hands and he tells her, “My heart will always be with you.” Brady appears. [The feed was disrupted by an NBC News Special report, a conference between President Trump and British Prime Minister May from 1:15 PM to 1:35 PM EST.]

Episode # 13012Maggie and Victor arrive at the hospital where Deimos tells them that the man Nicole stabbed is still in an induced coma, but there’s something else. He’s about to tell them about Holly when Chloe walks up with the baby. Deimos asks if she’d like to tell Maggie and Victor the truth. Chloe tells them she was a surrogate for Nicole and Daniel and Holly’s their baby. Maggie tears up. Chloe invites them both to visit the baby but warns Victor, only if he can keep things civil. Victor snipes about the custody case and takes Maggie home while Deimos begs Chloe not to fight Nicole for custody. He calls this morally wrong and futile. Things get heated and she stomps away, saying she’ll see him in court.

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Episode # 13012Back in Prague, Shane shows everyone a photo taken yesterday of the man they suspect is Stefano. The ISA will be making the call as to when the arrest goes down. Rafe bitches, asking “When? Today? Tomorrow?” Shane takes off and Steve suggests they take him down now, instead of waiting for the ISA to sign off on the lead. Marlena suggests she put herself out there as bait.

Back at SPD, Brady hands Nicole a coffee and they discuss their long-standing friendship. Brady says they’ve even more in common now with parenting. They talk about missing Daniel. Brady says each time his heart beats, he misses him. They reminisce and then Brady vows to be there for her and her daughter. Maggie and Victor arrive and Maggie hugs Nicole, saying she got to hold her granddaughter. Victor calls Chloe an idiot for seeking custody. Maggie says they’ll help with the case. Justin returns. Nicole’s bail has been posted. She goes to sign the papers with Justin.

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At home, Victor holds Maggie as she cries. While she’s happy to have a granddaughter, Daniel should be here. Victor knows. The family needs to pull together to ensure Nicole gets her baby. Deimos walks in and agrees.

Nicole shows up on Chloe’s doorstep, leaving clueless Brady behind at SPD.

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