At the DiMera house, Abigail tells Chad she and Gabi are working on their relationship. Abigail insists she’s strong and ready to help him fight through this warEpisode # 13011 with DiMera vs Titan. “That’s not your fight,” he states but she thinks because she “belongs” to him and this family, it is her fight. He likes that and kisses her. She wants to take him to bed.

At Mandalay, Andre updates Kate that they’re going to recover the Orwell device.

Adrienne meets Lucas at the Brady’s pub. They talk about how her getting sick landed both Lucas and Justin in “limboland.” She can’t be with anyone right now. He gets it and thinks she’s worth the wait. She takes a business call and after tells Lucas she is looking for someone to cover for her on the days she can’t get out of bed. Anne walks in and Lucas spots her. He has the perfect person for her. He asks Anne to sit with them. Episode # 13011They discuss a possible position. Lucas vouches for her and Anne says she is interested in marketing but Adrienne’s quick to point out that position has been filled. With Lucas’ encouragement, Adrienne says she needs an office manager, though she’s not selling it. She has to run it by Jennifer. Lucas coaches Anne who says she wouldn’t have an issue with Jennifer being her boss.

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In the hotel in Prague, Marlena tells Rafe that Steve, Kayla and her have shown Stefano’s photo around the city and came back empty handed. Rafe’s got nothing and Paul’s retracing their steps to see if they’ve missed anything. All they do now is wait. Kayla thinks they should go for ice cream, which causes Rafe to blow up. How can he have ice cream while Hope’s in trouble? Rafe doesn’t think they give a crap about Hope but Steve says to relax. This isn’t his first rodeo. Rafe freaks out and Marlena tells him to calm down. Steve and Kay leave and Rafe says he’s not angry with Steve. Just the situation and all the dead ends.

Episode # 13008Eric tends to Hope at his house, giving her antibiotics. Hope calls Eric a good person who made an error in judgement. She knows that Eric would trade places with Daniel in a heartbeat. She falls asleep and he whispers that there is no redemption for him. Hope’s fever returns and Eric tries to cool her down. He grabs her. She drops a charm on the bed as he takes her, dumps her in the shower and then returns her to her bed, shivering. He covers her up.

Abigail and Chad make out at the mansion when Andre and Kate interrupt to call a family meeting. Andre makes Kate a scotch neat and Chad tells the women that Andre sunk a Titan ship. They’re shocked. Andre explains he retaliated against the Hernandez and Kiriakis men who stole his Orwell device. Chad tells them they can stay and strategize how to get it back while he takes his wife out. Once they’re gone, Kate and Andre argue over who Chad should be with. She’s on team Gabi while he’s on team Abigail. Kate doesn’t understand why. Andre thinks she’s just angry that he ruined her budding relationship with Eduardo. She says yep, it’s true but maintains that Abigail isn’t right for Chad.

Back in Prague, Steve and Kayla sit at the Dvorak cafe, each understanding of Rafe’s frustration. They smooch when a fortune teller, (played by Sherida Mulrowe), stops by their table and offers to read their future. Steve’s disinterested but Kayla’s all in. The woman reads Kayla’s palm. She sees they’re in love and there’s a wedding in their future but then becomes upset. She sees deception, a blazing fire and…a phoenix. They return to the hotel and Rafe apologizes. Steve understands. Shane calls with positive news that they’ve one more shot at proving Stefano’s alive.

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Chad takes Abigail to the Salem Inn for a romp. They start feeling less awkward and more amorous. “I love you,” he whispers, as they kiss. He undresses her and they make love. Afterward, Chad tells his wife he wants to be a good husband to her. They eat fries and gossip about Kate and Andre, who are probably gossiping.

Adrienne sees Kate in the square and Kate takes one look at her and says she needs a makeover. Clothing and nails. She runs off and ignores a text from Eduardo.

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