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Chad runs into Gabi at the Horton square. While Chad’s coming from a meeting, Gabs says Ari can’t sleep due to having bad dreams. Ari jumps into Chad’s arms. He calls himself the ‘bad dream banisher’ and uses an invisible magic wand to banish bad dreams and bring on good ones with puppies and kitties. Chad tells Gabi about a woman in his meeting urging him to incorporate color into his wardrobe. Gabi offers to help. He stays with the kid and she rushes off to buy him a grey shirt at Janet’s Boutique for his meeting in the morning. They discuss family and how many people love Arianna. Chad tells her she and Ari are always welcomed in his house but Gabi says he has his own family. They share a moment before she leaves.

Episode # 1301809As Jade, Ciara, Joey and Theo move into the loft, Claire takes selfies, annoying Ciara. Theo catches Ciara while she almost falls, holding a box. Claire snaps that there are dishes in the box. Everyone files out and Belle and Shawn arrive with hugs. Belle comforts Ciara about Hope escaping prison and the two head out to get boxes while Shawn notes the tension between Claire and Ciara. Claire feels like Ciara’s acting like her mother. Shawn questions if this move was a good idea. He doesn’t want their living arrangements coming between them. Claire thinks her dad should be worried about Ciara. Without her mom around to keep her in line, she might be better off staying at Jennifer’s. Shawn wonders if his kid is trying to keep Ciara away from Theo. Claire denies it and goes off to her room while Belle and Ciara reappear. Ciara tells them about her own worries about Claire living with Theo. Belle admits they just learned that the two are dating. Theo’s good for Claire. Everyone goes to help Ciara unpack her room as Abe arrives with house cleaning supplies. Since they’re alone, Abe says he heard Jade’s living there and asks Claire and Theo to be responsible concerning drinking and parties. They promise. Everyone returns after sending the truck back to Roman’s and pizza arrives. The parents leave and the kids toast to being free – with their pizza. They poke fun of the shows their parents watch and look forward to their future. They vow to have each other’s backs forever. When Claire tries to give Theo mushrooms, Ciara reminds her that he hates them, which causes another rift between the two.

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Episode # 13009At SPD, Brady tells Nicole to stay calm and asks Chloe to tell Nic the truth. Chloe says, “Holly, she’s…she’s your baby. You’re her mother.” Nicole doesn’t get it. Brady demands Chloe tell her the whole story so she does. Nicole tears up and takes it all in. Her first thought is that nobody told her that Chloe took her eggs…”from my body.” Nicole finally breaks into a smile, realizing Holly is really her daughter. She sobs, “after all the pain and loss and desperation,” she’s finally a mother. She wants to hold the baby but Chloe refuses her. An officer walks in and takes the kid and Nic goes ballistic. Brady calms her and explains that he and Deimos figured the baby was hers for weeks and that Philip knew. Nic cries and her anger bubbles up over Chloe’s lies. She yells, “What have you done to me?” Chloe claims she kept the baby from her out of love. She cites Deimos as the cause. They scream at each other and Nicole demands her child, calling Chloe a monster. She tries to leave the room to get her kid but Brady stops her and she’s cuffed and arrested for attempted murder. She cries and begs to hold her baby but they won’t let her.

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Shawn, Belle and Abe drink at the pub. They snicker that they feel hypocritical, drinking after lecturing their kids on booze.

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