Episode # 13008In Prague, Carrie finds Rafe at the cafe, worrying about Hope. Meanwhile, Steve is startled awake when somebody arrives in his room at the hotel. He pulls a gun and Kayla screams, “Don’t shoot!” Relieved, Steve collapses on the sofa, thrilled to see his wife. They discuss Anna shooting him and how nutty she’s become since Tony’s death, and then start kissing. They make love. Afterward, he tells her the ISA pulled the plug on backing their search for Stefano. Back at the cafe, Rafe calls Shawn for word on Hope and learns about the anonymous email Shawn received, saying she’s fine. Rafe disconnects and tells Carrie. They catch up, discussing her kid Noah, and how Rafe and Hope got together. [At 1:49 PM EST, “Days” was preempted due to the first White House press briefing of the Trump Administration]

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Episode # 13008In Eric’s house, he finds Hope burning up with a fever. He begs her to hang in there. “Don’t die on me,” he yells. Hope’s infection is worse. He leaves the house and she hallucinates Rafe’s there and telling her that they found Stefano. Eric returns with antibiotics from his friend. Later, she wakes up, feeling a little better.

Nicole can’t find Deimos at the Kiriakis mansion. Worried for Deimos’ safety, she calls his secretary and learns he’s at Mandalay.

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Deimos does business on his cell at Mandalay while the assassin, (played by Derick Neikirk) watches. The goon calls to inform Dario he’s got Deimos in his sights. “Snap his neck and walk away,” Dario orders, from the park. The hitman dons gloves while Deimos exchanges information about the Orwell key for money with some man. The guy goes and Justin approaches, worried Deimos is leading them into a war. He asks Deimos to stop this. The assassin watches from nearby. Deimos tells Justin they have the Orwell and it’ll make them billions if they can get it working. Justin is concerned about the death threats and their ship being sunk but Deimos scoffs at that. Justin gets a call and goes to take it while the assassin walks up, ready to strike. Suddenly, Nicole rushes in and grabs the nearest knife. She knifes him in the side and he goes down, in a pile of blood. Deimos and Justin gawk in horror. They question her and she tells them that the man was about to attack Deimos. Justin tries to stop the bleeding from the goon and calls 911. From the park, Dario hears sirens and assumes his mission is accomplished. He meanders into the square and stays hidden as he watches his goon being wheeled off. Justin talks to the cops and Nicole assumes Dario hired someone to kill Deimos. She relays their earlier conversation then goes off with Justin to SPD. Deimos calls and leaves a message for Brady to meet him there.

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In the hospital, Brady demands Chloe tell him if Holly is Daniel and Nicole’s baby. She lies. He tells her that both he and Deimos know it’s true. They go back and forth and he tells her that when Deimos kidnapped Philip, he let the word ’embryo’ slip while under the influence of truth serum. Chloe repeats that Holly’s her baby. Chloe signs release papers as Brady says he doesn’t want to resort to threats but he will. Chloe comes clean about everything. Brady knows Nicole won’t let harm come to that little girl. Chloe worries she won’t have a choice. Brady says this is it. She’s going to tell Nicole the truth. Today.

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