Abigail and Gabi sneak into TBD’s office, worried about the fight between the Kiriakis and DiMera families. They overhear Chad asking Dario to broker peace before there’s a war between them. Dario’s not sure he can trust them. They all agree that Andre’s rogue and dangerous, which is why they want to put a leash on everyone. Dario learns how Sonny figured out that GDR was smuggling the microchips in the handbags. In the office, Gabi gasps, realizing why her brother was asking so strangely about her purse. Meanwhile, Dario refuses to share the technology of the device they’re now calling ‘The Orwell’, with sonny-issued-threat-from-dario-days-nbcthe other men. Dario says their buddy, Myron, will have it up and running in a month. Sonny reminds Dario they have the programming. Dario issues a veiled threat about getting that programming back. Sonny says the reason it was stolen was because Eduardo’s an assassin and they didn’t trust him. Dario takes offense and Chad tells Sonny to chill. Sonny doesn’t like taking orders from Chad and all hell breaks loose. In anger, Chad takes off. Abigail and Gabi go before Dario finds them. Dario goes to find Myron in the office later, and agrees to pay him triple if he finishes the programming as soon as possible. He’ll take care of the SOB who stole it from them.

From the park, Kate leaves a message for Chad, asking to call when the meeting is over. Eduardo finds her and apologizes for accusing her of stealing the hard drive. With Kate, sorry doesn’t cut it, so he begs. Sexy guitar music plays and Kate assures him they’re finished. The trust is gone. She goes and he follows her to Mandalay. They both look dejected.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole cancels a meeting with her wedding planner. Eric questions her and she says she’s too busy visiting Chloe and Holly. Deimos overhears as they talk about missing Daniel but embracing life again. deimos-asks-brady-to-pressure-chloe-days-nbcNicole worries any day she’ll pick to marry Deimos will be cursed, considering Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve are. Deimos lets himself be seen, and offers to elope with Nicole. Today. Nic’s flustered and asks Brady to leave. Once he’s gone, she smiles and questions his impetuousness. She’s made too many plans. He wants to take her for dinner in Chicago. She’ll get back to him, and heads out. Deimos calls someone. “I want the key today,” he says, the one that makes Andre’s technology work. They disconnect and on his way out, he tells Brady there’s some exciting news that will put Titan on top for decades.

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Nicole finds Chloe in her hospital room with the baby. She hears Chloe is being released soon. Nic bought a car seat and will drive Chloe wherever she wants to go. Chloe hands Holly over and Nicole snuggles her, then gives her back when she gets fussy. Nic wants Chloe to come to her wedding but Chloe’s not interested, saying Deimos “has no soul.” Chloe almost blurts the truth, and asks her to consider dumping Deimos. When Nicole can’t, because she loves him, Chloe says they can’t be friends anymore and Nicole can’t visit Holly. Nicole cries and asks to hold Holly once more. Chloe acquiesces and cries silently as she watches her friend sob over the child. She gives the kid back and tells Chloe she’ll always be her friend no matter what.

Sonny goes to Deimos at home and tells him about the meeting with Chad and Dario. Deimos is pissed. Sonny says things got worse. “Everyone wants their device,” and now Chad says it’s personal. Deimos says, “Losers threaten and whine all the time but in the end, we have the Orwell.” Deimos says the key is on the way. They don’t need Myron to program for them. Deimos shows him some papers which make Sonny grin.

Dario finds Nicole at the pub on the phone. He invites her to a movie but she says she just made plans with Deimos. He thinks she should stay away from him. She reminds him he’s her fiance. Dario calls him dangerous and repeats to stay away from him tonight. He goes and Nicole realizes something’s about to go down. She races home while Dario sets up an assassin to kill Deimos.

Gabi and Abigail arrive at the park, glad they’re still friends. They agree to work together to try to solve the war over the Orwell device. They decide to find it and destroy it themselves.

Chad meets Kate at home. He’s upset that she and Eduardo broke up over the Orwell device.

As Chloe prepares to leave the hospital, Brady goes to her and bluntly asks if Holly is Nicole’s baby.

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