At the Brady’s pub, Joey and Kayla discuss Jade in cryptic terms. When Jade walks in, she confesses she had an argument with Paula, the girl who she’s staying with. Joey takes them out to see something…

At the hotel in Prague, Carrie worries when they can’t find Anna. What if she winds up in a Czech jail or killed by Stefano’s hand? Austin holds her. Meanwhile, in the lobby, Marlena talks Steve down when he yells again about Anna ruining their plans. Marlena says they should wait for Stefano to make contact with the ISA mole. Nearby, Rafe calls Shawn for an update on Hope but there isn’t one. Rafe spoke with Lt. Raines. Shawn says, “You mean Attila?” If Salem PD finds her before Shawn, they’ll use excessive force. Later, everyone moves to the room and Paul arrives, telling them the man they suspected was Stefano wasn’t.

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In Eric Brady’s house, Hope awakens in bed while Eric tends to her. He tells her she’s safe. Hope is surprised to see him. He says he found her body on the side of the road while going into town. She has flashes of being chloroformed in prison and shares how she got out. Eric tells her he didn’t call 911, knowing she’d have wound up back in the pokey. Hope asks how he came to be out of prison and why he’s not home in Salem. He tells her for someone with 19 stitches in her head, she sure asks a lot of questions. Hope starts to feel awful and passes out. She awakens sweating profusely and Eric runs off to get supplies. He returns to sew Hope’s wounds while she’s unconscious and when she awakens, he goes to get some food. He cuts up some oranges and the police arrive, pounding on his door.

From the park, Shawn calls Ciara about their mother. Ciara asks if he’ll meet her for coffee.

Kayla takes Joey and Jade to an apartment they’re moving into. She loves it and thinks they can put in a bar. Kayla snaps that she’ll put in a study nook. She and Steve will pay for rent and expenses in exchange for good grades. Ciara walks in, causing Jade to snipe. Ciara tells her she, Theo and Claire are moving in, too. Joey takes Jade to her room in the loft while Kayla offers Ciara to live with her and Steve if this is too intense. Ciara’s got this. She heads out and Joe returns. Kayla’s annoyed that Jade spouts off without thinking and thinks them living in the same apartment will give Jade mixed messages about how he feels for her. Joey just wants to get her started. Jade appears and goes to get lunch as a thank-you to Kayla. Once gone, Joey starts talking about how he got a free pass for murdering Ava. His mom comforts him.

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Back in Prague, Paul, Rafe and Steve set up surveillance in an alley and Episode # 13005wait for Stefano. Steve heads to the street. On the screen, Anna’s seen rushing the incoming car they think is carrying Stefano. Paul and Rafe run to stop her, hearing gunfire before they make it. Later, Rafe manhandles Anna, shoving her into the hotel while Steve stumbles in bloodied. Carrie cries out as Marlena cleans him up. They learn Anna shot Steve and screwed up their plans once again. Anna claims she didn’t want to put Tony’s urn down which gave her bad aim. Austin downs some booze from the bar, and everyone else leaves. Austin gets snide with Anna, who says she’s sorry. Carrie gets between them and tells her mother Tony’s gone. She can’t bring him back. Anna whines about Stefano getting away with it and Austin goes nuts, reminding her he got away because of her! It’s time to go back to Switzerland. Later, Rafe finds a safe deposit key that was dropped outside the limo. “Looks like Stefano made his first mistake,” he says.

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Ciara meets Shawn at the pub. She doesn’t want to stay in school because their mother is missing. Shawn is against it and thinks their mother would be too but she has made her decision. It reminds her of when their dad went missing. Shawn knows but reminds her how their mom handled it. She worked, took care of Ciara. “She got engaged to a psychopath.” Shawn says they all make mistakes. He wants her to stay in school and asks her to sleep on it.

Back at the loft, Kayla takes a call from Paul and learns about Anna shooting Steve. She lets Joey know and he encourages her to go to his father. He’ll be fine.

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