At Brady’s Pub, Claire tells Theo that Valerie, who is in the restroom, is meeting someone. Theo says Ciara advised him to move on from the Valerie stuff, which makes Claire jealous. Claire takes selfies of them together and tags Ciara. Valerie returns to her seat, where it becomes apparent she’s meeting Kayla. After, Claire fixates on her phone and the ‘likes’ on their photos. Theo finds her behavior shallow. Claire is about to pocket the phone but notices that someone commented about them dating outside of their race. Theo wants to reply, but Valerie overhears and advises him not to. They debate about how to deal with ignorance. Valerie suggests they post a thoughtful response together; nothing knocks down hate better than love. Claire apologizes for how they’ve treated her. Theo wishes to speak to Valerie alone. He thanks her for not telling his dad he bugged her purse, and lets her know he’s not against her staying in Salem. Valerie is moved.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe and Nicole listen as Deimos slams down the phone and rages to Sonny, “DiMera started this and I’ll be the one to finish it!” Nicole confronts him, and he huffs that it’s business. Chloe wonders if his business is killing people and exclaims there are children in the house. Deimos feels Chloe is the last person who should be throwing stones. He marvels at her professing to know what’s best for children considering what she’s done. Nicole speaks to Deimos alone and he explains that Andre sunk his ship after a business deal went sour. Nicole worries about unending retaliation, and also wants to know what he meant by ‘what Chloe’s done’. They discuss his rage, and Nic frets that Chloe will keep the kids away due to what she heard. Deimos promises Nicole there will be no violence. In the foyer, Brady arrives and Chloe informs him Deimos was threatening to kill someone. Sonny leaves with Ari, and Brady asks Chloe if she came to see Nicole about Holly. Chloe becomes agitated by his questions and passes out. Nicole appears and has Brady call Kayla over. Kayla arrives and chastises Chloe for leaving the hospital and notes the unhealthy tension in the room. Nicole asks Chloe to take care of herself and hug that sweet baby girl for her. Brady grinds his jaw and Deimos fumes silently. Once alone, Nic, Brady, and Deimos speculate about Chloe risking her health to come there. Nic hopes she’ll be okay because Parker and Holly need her. Deimos assures Nicole again that he won’t do anything crazy, and Brady takes her to the hospital.

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In her room, a nauseous Adrienne eats crackers. “Take that, chemo.” Justin arrives with several choices for lunch. She balks at seafood and they try chicken with hot sauce, which ends up in his eye. Adrienne-Justin-closer-embrace-Days-HWAdrienne fusses over him. When Sonny arrives with Ari, Adrienne takes her out of the room. Justin asks Sonny what happened at the mansion, but is interrupted by Lucas calling to confirm he’ll take Adrienne to her next chemo session. Sonny remarks on Justin and Lucas being civil. Justin explains Adrienne’s health is paramount. Sonny warns his father about Deimos’ fight with Andre and explains Eduardo’s connection. Justin worries that the town could come apart at the seams due to the fight over this technology. Adrienne hears, and wonders if their discussion involves the sunken ship. They won’t answer. Sonny goes. Adrienne makes plans to do lunch with Justin again and they hug. After, Adrienne phones someone to pursue the sunken ship story. Justin returns as she’s dozing off. She asks him to stay. He tucks her in.

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At the hospital, Nancy brings Holly to Chloe, who admits she went to tell Nicole the truth, but didn’t. She sighs and doesn’t know if she ever can. Brady-Nicole-Kayla-hospital-Days-CDOutside, Brady warns Nicole it will be a hard sell for Chloe to let Holly be around Deimos. Nicole remains optimistic. Kayla appears – one of them can go in. Brady urges Nicole to go, and hopes she finds the answers she wants in there. Nicole joins Nancy and Chloe, who wants to talk to Nic alone. Nicole admires Holly, and asks Chloe what she needed to say to her. Chloe thanks her for helping bring Holly into the world and for taking care of her. She watches Nicole playing with the baby as she talks about Chloe accepting Deimos. Outside, Nancy warns Brady that if he doesn’t keep Deimos away, she’ll consider him a threat too.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny confronts Deimos about his plans for retaliation. Deimos chuckles about his generation being scared to get their hands dirty. He informs him this is a war and they all have to join the fight for the family to survive.

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