At the pub, JJ accuses Gabi of basically telling him to look the other way concerning her father and brother’s illegal activities. She says there’s no crime there. JJ doesn’t believe that and vows to get to the bottom of it.

Dario runs into Abby in the park. She apologizes for blackmailing him. He says it’s water under the bridge, as long as nobody finds out about those microchips. Chad appears. “What’s going on?” he asks.

Deimos finds Andre in the Kiriakis living room. Andre makes threats, wanting his microchips back. They get in each other’s face and Sonny rushes in, coming between them. Andre explains to Sonny that his uncle stole something of his. Gabi arrives with Ari and takes the girl upstairs while the men argue and spew threats. “You don’t intimidate me, Deimos,” Andre sneers. Gabi returns and eavesdrops, hearing Deimos threaten to squash Andre “like the bug you are.” Andre mocks the entire Kiriakis family and Gabi becomes scared and calls Chad.

At the park, Nicole is on a call with her florist, planning flowers for the wedding. She sees a mother and child and makes small talk which leads to flashbacks to Chloe’s offer to carry her baby.

Nancy finds Chloe awake in her hospital bed. The doctor arrives and examines Chloe. He’s happy with her progress. He leaves and Nancy tells a foggy-headed Chloe she had a stroke and has been in a coma. Chloe asks where her baby is and her mom says she’s in Chicago with Parker and Craig. Nancy’s happy they can finally tell Nicole the truth. Chloe needs time to think about that. Nancy gets fidgety and admits Brady’s close to knowing that Holly is Nicole’s baby. They need to confess! Chloe worries, causing her blood pressure to rise. The nurse rushes in and asks Nancy to keep Chloe calm. Chloe just wants to call Nicole. When the nurse leaves, Chloe can’t recall Nicole’s number so she gets out of bed.

News: Tionne Watkins (Sheila) and Lauren Letherer (Coco) leave Days of our Lives

Episode # 13003Back at the park, Chad starts in on Dario for not telling him his wife was alive. Gabi’s call distracts him. She tells him she’s concerned Andre will be killed because of the argument at the Kiriakis mansion and Chad takes off. Abby and Dario discuss their secret more and decide to stay friends. They joke a little and he teases her. Abby thanks him for caring for her during her panic attack.

Chad arrives at the mansion. Gabi whispers that nobody knows she’s there yet. Chad heads inside and Sonny fills him in. Chad tries to drag Andre out and Deimos mocks them. Deimos tells Chad, “Andre didn’t play nice today.” Andre snaps, “That’s because some bitch stole my toys.” The DiMeras leave and Deimos fills Sonny in on Andre coming up with this amazing new technology which enables you to spy on whomever you want in the world. Deimos stole the technology but doesn’t know what to do with it. Nicole appears, noting she’s walked in on something. Sonny learns they’re engaged and when they start kissing, Sonny backs out of the room, smiling. Nic and Deimos smooch and after Nic leaves, Sonny returns and Deimos takes a call to learn one of their ships was sabotaged. Their cargo is lost. Sonny assumes Andre is sending a message. Deimos doesn’t think Andre will like the one they send in return. He curses.

Abigail meets JJ for lunch at Brady’s pub. He’s in a crummy mood and tells her that things with Gabi were intense, earlier. Abs blames herself but JJ says not to. They had problems of their own. He tells her about what’s going on at the docks and her face freezes. She says nothing.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad demands to know why Andre provoked Deimos. Andre is positive Deimos stole the technology that he crafted. “It doesn’t even work,” Chad cries. Andre says it does and he has to get it back. He goes to make a call, passing Abigail on his way out. She shows him Thomas’ new outfit and asks why Gabi called earlier. He gives her an abridged version of what happened at the Kiriakis’.

Episode 13003Back at the Kiriakis’, the doorbell rings and Nicole finds Chloe outside. She hugs her friend. In shock, she drags her inside and Chloe says she has something important to tell her. When she sees the ring on Nicole’s finger isn’t Daniel’s, she questions her friend and learns Nic’s engaged to Deimos. Chloe takes a few deep breaths and needs to sit down. Nicole opens the door to the lounge, where they hear Deimos on a call yelling, “He wants to play dirty? Fine, because I will kill that bastard with my own two hands!”

Gabi paces at the park. Dario appears. She tells him JJ’s onto him and how worried she is. Later, she receives a text from Chad, thanking her for contacting him earlier. She grins.

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