Eddie finds Dario working hard at TBD. They talk about GDR, their company, being a front for TBD but they still need to ensure business is good. Eddie tells his son that he thinks Kate Roberts stole the microchips. Dario’s beside himself, angry thinking Kate was playing him this whole time. Eduardo doesn’t believe that. Dario yells about them stealing DiMera’s most valuable technology as Gabi walks in. She presses them for answers. Dario explodes so Ed sends him away and uses the family as his reason for stealing. Gabi’s ashamed.

At Mandalay, Kate flashes to Tony telling her that those microchips would make them billions. She sighs.

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Maggie and Victor play scrabble and Maggie moons over their new, gorgeous furniture. Nicole and Deimos appear and Nicole blurts out that they’re getting married. Maggie’s joyful and Victor only comments that she’s going to become a Kiriakis. Again. The women leave the room and Victor reminds his brother that Nicole is just getting over Daniel, a presence that looms large. Deimos isn’t trying to take his place. They talk about “that miserable harpy,” Chloe keeping Holly from Nicole, but Deimos will get to the bottom of this. In the foyer, Nicole assumes it’s hard for Maggie to see her move on with someone else. Maggie nods but is glad Nicole’s happy. Victor will never replace Mickey in her heart but there’s always room for more love.

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Brady visits comatose Chloe at her hospital bedside. He knows she carried Daniel and Nicole’s baby and wonders why she didn’t confess. If Deimos gets proof, Brady doesn’t know how to protect her. He begs her to wake up and Nancy appears, and angrily tells him to get out of her daughter’s room. She bans him from the visitation list and goes back to Chloe, vowing not to let her get hurt.

At SPD, Lt. Raines and JJ investigate GDR, wondering why they’d need handbags to run a nightclub. They must be using TBD as a front. Raines says he gave him this investigation because he’s leaving and expects JJ to keep this to himself. Once Raines is gone, JJ calls Gabi to discuss her family.

Brady arrives home and overhears Maggie and Nicole talking about Nic’s upcoming marriage. Brady doesn’t look happy but attempts to congratulate her. He wants her happiness. Deimos overhears. Brady’s support means a lot to him. Nic goes to see Chloe while Brady says that Nancy had his visiting privileges revoked from Chloe’s room after hearing him try to get her to wake up. Deimos thinks they need to get Nancy out of the way. Brady’s worried about what that means but Deimos has to take a call and goes. Maggie finds Brady clutching at his heart and breathing in heavily. He claims the cold air has gotten to his lungs. She asks his thoughts on Nicole’s marriage. Brady feels protective of Daniel. Mags thinks Daniel would be happy for Nicole, stating that Deimos has changed. “We’ll see,” Brady says. In the living room, Deimos tells Victor about GDR hiding microchips in the handbags and then downloading the data to a hard drive. Deimos stole it yet hasn’t had a chance to look at it. Victor’s impressed but tells his brother that Eduardo used to be an assassin, not to underestimate him.

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Dario calls Andre from outside the pub. He asks to meet. Since Andre’s around the corner at the park, Dario finds him there and pulls a gun, asking where the external drive is. Andre reminds Dario it was his drive, his microchips. Andre’s goon, Leon, (Richard Pines) appears and trains a gun on Dario. Andre’s bored of Dario and tells him next time he and his father decide to “wade into deep water, they should wait to see what’s lurking beneath the surface.” He does one of his evil laughs and takes off.

Gabi meets JJ at the pub and blurts that her dad and brother are about to be in a lot of trouble. He asks her to stay away from them and tell her anything she knows.

Nic goes to comatose Chloe’s bedside in the hospital and tells her about her upcoming wedding. Once she leaves, Chloe opens her eyes.

Episode # 123002Andre meets Kate at Mandalay and shares his run in with Dario. Kate admits she didn’t steal the drive. They have an idea who did. Andre leaves. Eduardo appears and confronts Kate. She says she didn’t steal the drive and it’s not for her to say who did. She dumps him, stating she’s tired of this.

Andre goes to the Kiriakis mansion and tells Deimos that Eddie and Dario took his microchips and he knows Deimos has his hard drive. “How far do you think I’d go to get it back?” he asks.

On a walk in the square, Brady wonders why Nicole marrying Deimos bothers him so.

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