Claire goes to Ciara at the hospital to let her know she and Theo got caught by Valerie, spying on her. Ciara’s pissed and blames Claire for using Theo and taking advantage of him. She wants to be left out of it. Claire thinks Ciara’s jealous and stomps off.

At the Brady’s pub, Theo reveals Claire helped him eavesdrop on Valerie because she lied. Valerie explains in no uncertain terms that her life is none of his business. Theo claims he’s trying to protect his dad. Val asks how he would feel if Abe spied on him. He wouldn’t like that. He realizes he took things too far. He asks if she’ll tell his dad.

At SPD, Lt. Raines assigns the docks case to JJ. Later, Gabi walks in and watches as Abe tells a woman (Crystal Allen) and her daughter Heather (Kingston Foster) that JJ has gotten a medal and commendation for apprehending Heather’s kidnapper. JJ claims he was only doing his job. Heather hugs JJ, calling him her superhero and Gabi smiles. They congratulate him on his promotion to detective and leave him alone. Gabi approaches. She had no idea all of this was happening in his life. He shrugs. They’re not together anymore. She nods. Life goes on. Gabi notes how distant he is. He’s sorry. He has a lot going on. She’s there to see Rafe but JJ tells her he had to leave town on personal matters. Gabi’s puzzled. She congratulates JJ and goes. Lani shows up. Having missed her father, JJ tells her he got a commendation. She’s glad for him and offers to buy him a beer to celebrate.

Chad and Abigail walk through the square. She’s nervous about being out of hiding. He reassures her. She worries about causing the fire in the psych ward but Chad says they’ll take care of it. They hug and sit at Mandalay, where they teach Thomas to say ‘dada’. They cheer and then Abby becomes glum, knowing she has missed so many firsts. Ciara comes upon them and hugs her cousin, having heard from Jenn that she was back. Abby thanks her for helping with Thomas. After Ciara’s gone, Gabi walks by. It’s awkward. Chad asks if he can have time to talk to Gabi. Abby’s fine with it and heads home with Thomas.

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Abe walks into the Brady’s pub and finds his son with Val. Valerie claims they met to get to know each other better. Abe leaves them alone for a moment and Valerie decides the issue is over and she won’t tell Abe. Theo’s thankful. And sorry.

Episode # 12998Theo meets Claire and Ciara at the square. He fills them in on his meeting with Valerie. Claire gets a call from her mom, Belle, and Theo admits he still thinks Val’s hiding something.

JJ and Lani have beers at TBD. They discuss their one-nighter. She understands why he did it, knowing he lost his sister. JJ says that’s no excuse. They decide to let it go and she toasts to his commendation and being friends again.

At home, Abigail puts Thomas to bed. Andre shows up looking for Chad. She says he’s not there, and appears on edge. Andre questions her. She tells him about how hurt Chad has been and angry with her. She admits she’s upset that Chad is off talking to Gabi. Andre’s startled. Abigail says Chad wants to give her closure but she worries he’ll change his mind. Andre doubts it. He likely knows his rightful place is with Abby. Abigail wonders if he really believes that.

At the park, Gabi tells Chad there’s nothing to discuss. Abby’s his wife and he needs to focus on her. Chad worries about Gabi though. He still has feelings for her, which makes Gabi uncomfortable. He knows she felt those things for him. She admits it, she did love him but everything has changed. It’s not a reality anymore. Chad can’t dismiss what she means to him. He never wanted to hurt her. Gabi knows. He did nothing wrong. She wishes him and his family happiness. They hug. She tries to give her necklace back but he asks her to keep it. He goes and she cries alone.

Chad arrives home and checks on the baby while Abby rests on the sofa. He tells her he’s ready to be committed to their family though they’ve a way to go before they get back what they had.

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