Kate is on a call inside TBD complaining to someone about betraying Eduardo, the best man who has come into her life in a long time. She disconnects and flashes to Andre warning her about his methods of dealing with a thief. In the office, Myron tells Eduardo soon they’ll have what they need to remove DiMera as a competitor. Eduardo tells him to keep up the work and goes, finding Kate outside. He has prepared a romantic lunch for her but he gets a call and heads back into his office. Kate follows and sees Myron who takes off quickly. Ed tries to steer her away from the microchips. They head back to their table and Eddie pays Kate some compliments. He’s privileged to be with her. Kate’s sorry when she has to leave. Adrienne needs her. Andre texts to ask Kate if she ‘got it’ and she looks pained. While Eddie is getting Kate dessert to go, she goes into his office. On her way out, she takes the dessert and goes, while Eddie returns to his office, realizing Kate stole the microchips.

Nicole and Deimos eat fruit in the Kiriakis mansion in preparation for round two of sex. His math sucks. It’ll be round three, she says, planting one on him. He offers a dirty Martini but she’s off to visit Chloe, bummed thinking Nancy’s trying to keep her from visiting Holly. She passes Brady on her way out. Brady tells Deimos that the baby’s DNA is being tested now. Emma pokes her head in with Tate. She’s off to the park. Deimos thought Eve took over nanny duties. Brady says she was but she’s back to New York. She hates Deimos. Deimos is surprised. Brady’s not sure why since Deimos treated her like a servant! Deimos says it’s been an adjustment for him and he’s working at nurturing relationships. Later, Brady gets word that the sample was compromised and therefore the test, inconclusive. Deimos is pissed and takes off to the hospital to get to the bottom of this.

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Nancy wheels Holly into Chloe’s hospital room and asks her comatose daughter to please wake up and tell her what to do about all the lies. She talks about Nicole’s connection to the kid and sobs about keeping it secret. Nic arrives and Nancy looks guilty. She tells Nic she’s bringing Holly back to Chicago to be with her family, Craig and Parker. Nicole begs her not to. She couldn’t love her more if she were her own. Nancy sobs, “Stop.” She tells the blonde she won’t get her hands on this child. Nicole’s puzzled as to why she’s being so difficult. Nancy’s sorry. She blames frustrations over Chloe’s coma on her. Nic forgives her. They’re all under stress. Nic holds Holly and flashes to Chloe giving birth. Nancy returns, touched to overhear Nicole talking to the baby about their bond. Nancy’s about to tell Nicole the truth when Deimos walks in. Nancy takes off with the kid, leaving Nicole acting like a lunatic.

Claire’s bored at the Brady’s pub trying to look for dirt on Valerie while she thinks Theo’s obsessed. They hear Valerie telling someone that he’s her “favorite guy, always and forever,” and think it can’t be Val’s son. They switch to the live stream.

Valerie bumps into Jenn in the square. They catch up and Val says she read Jack’s book. She found it fascinating. Jenn’s touched. She’s glad to see Val hooked up with Abe. Jenn remembers Val dating her cousin David. Val says yes, it was during a time when it was controversial. They are both thankful times have changed. Val has to take off so they exchange numbers and Val finds the bug in her purse. Val’s sure she knows who planted it and flashes to Theo catching her in a lie in the past. She talks into the bug, telling Theo she knows he’s eavesdropping. She asks him to meet her at the pub.

Back at the pub, Theo tells Claire to skeedaddle. When Val arrives, she asks why Theo planted the bug on her.

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