At the prison, Rafe greets Hope. “Hello, Beautiful.” She embraces him and asks if he brought champagne. He has something better; great news – it looks like Stefano may be alive. Hope is stunned; she shot him at point blank range. Rafe divulges that the DNA test did not match Stefano – the Phoenix may have found a way to cheat death again. Hope notes Rafe never gave up and thanks him. Rafe assures her she will be going home. When Hope pulls out a tissue a tarot card falls out. Rafe realizes she’s in danger. “Who sent it to you?” She has a good idea. Rafe mentions Chili’s death; she’s unprotected. Hope urges him to get her exonerated and get her out. Rafe says 2017 will be their year. They express their love and kiss. In their cell, Sheila and Coco complain about Hope getting special privileges and plan to make a move on Hope…tonight. Later, the pair attacks Hope in her bunk.

In the Brady Pub, Kayla, Patch, Joey, and Jade discuss the successful night. They toast to family. After, Jade tells Joey this was the best New Year’s Eve she’s ever had. Joey says they’re her family now. Patch and Kayla tease him when he wants to take Jade home to rest. Joey agrees to let Jade sit and help fold napkins. Kayla-Steve-NYE-dance-Days-HWHis parents assure him he’s doing everything right. Joey appreciates their support. They discuss Jade being disowned by her father, and Joey’s nervousness about impending parenthood. His mom and dad are there for him. Steve and Kayla dance. He looks forward to making her his wife again, to Adrienne beating cancer, and to Joey and Jade having their baby. Nearby, Jade and Joey dance until she gets a bad cramp. Preparations are made to take her to the hospital.

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In the square, Gabi tells JJ he makes her sick for claiming he didn’t know he had sex with Lani. Lani explains how she comforted JJ in Miami when he was upset about Abigail. Gabi snaps at her about having sex with someone else’s boyfriend. Lani wonders where Gabi was when JJ needed her, and says one thing led to another. JJ maintains he blacked-out and doesn’t remember. Lani leaves them alone. JJ tells Gabi she is the greatest thing in his life – he feels like another person did this and wants to make it up to her. Gabi observes that he had sex with his partner, it’s too late; he broke her heart. JJ vows he’ll never look at another woman and will stop drinking. Gabi feels he just doesn’t get it; she wants to be with someone she trusts. JJ asks if that’s Chad. Gabi says it’s not about Chad. JJ pleads for another chance, but Gabi can’t let him hurt her again.

At the DiMera mansion, Thomas cries as Abigail tells Chad that whatever happens with them, they are a family again. Chad heads to bed. Upstairs, Abigail coos to her son about what a great life they’re going to have with Daddy, who kissed her today. She wonders if his announcement about going to bed was an invitation, and soon appears at Chad’s bedside wearing a negligee. She talks about getting Thomas to sleep easily; it’s like they picked up where they left off. Abigail would like to do the same with Chad. They debate about the complications involved; Chad feels confused. He mentions his father; it turns out she may not be the only person who’s not dead. Chad-Abigail-seduction-Days-HWAbigail is stunned. Chad feels betrayed over people letting him believe they are dead. They argue over whether Stefano’s actions are different than hers were. Chad wishes he could tell her everything would be okay and take her in his arms. Abigail urges him to do it. They kiss passionately, start undressing, and begin to make love. In the heat of passion, Chad stops the proceedings. Abigail assures him they won’t do anything until they’re both ready. Outside the room, she tells herself, “He loves me.”

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Jade cries out in the hospital as Joey and Kayla try to calm her. She’s bleeding.Joey-Jade-pain-Days-HW Kayla sends her son out. After, Kayla and Steve tell Joey that Jade miscarried. Joey goes in and cries with Jade. “Our baby’s gone.”

Lani finds JJ in the park. He tells her it’s over with Gabi and apologizes for treating her like a meaningless one-night stand. Lani admits it hurt not to hear from him, but she gets he’s still in love with Gabi. They agree to start over as friends.

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Rafe runs into Gabi in Horton Square. She reveals she ended things with JJ for good. Talk turns to her feelings for Chad. Gabi thinks he felt something for her, but he learned Abigail was alive. She can’t compete. Rafe hugs her.

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