Sonny meets Gabi at the pub. She’s bummed because her dad left town and Ari keeps asking about her father. Sonny’s sorry to hear. He brings up his faith in Abigail’s return until Gabi sets him straight that Abby’s “dead.” Sonny imagines that is the reason for his mother’s call, earlier, but seems unaffected, while Gabi is reminded of her own sister’s passing.

At the mansion, a bereft Chad tells Jennifer that though he believed JJ about Abigail’s ‘death’, he spoke with the coast guard. Jennifer asks to have another conversation about Thomas, which makes Chad seethe. She thinks he’s falling apart and can’t give Thomas what he needs. He throws her addiction in her face. She wants to protect her grandson from…”Me?” he asks. She throws his surname in his face and he reminds her again that she’s an addict and her whole family has similar genes. She walks out on him. Later, he drinks and talks to Abigail’s photo, reminiscing about the first time he ever saw her and sniffles that they were going to build a life together – in that house, even though she hated it. He told her he would renovate but never did so he says, “Let’s do it,” and starts picking up chairs, tables, yelling and smashing everything in his path.

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Belle and Claire finish a shopping spree and rest in the park. Claire’s happy that Chloe loves the new song she’s been writing and can’t believe her mom and Chloe are friends since Chloe’s so glamorous. “How could you ever call her Ghoul Girl in high school?” Belle says she never did. Her friend Mimi did. Claire admits she likes a boy at school who likes somebody else. Belle thinks her kid needs patience. He’s a teen. He’ll eventually forget the other girl.

Theo and Ciara meet at the square. Neither has spoken with Chad yet about Abigail. Belle and Claire walk up and Ciara eyes Theo and Claire holding hands as they head to Jennifer’s.

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Theo, Ciara, and Claire arrive at the Horton house where they’re greeted by Doug, Julie, Lucas and Jennifer. Doug makes small talk with the kids and is impressed that there’s another musician in the family in Claire. Theo fawns over Claire and Ciara rolls her eyes and leaves the room. Julie follows. Ciara worries for Chad because he doesn’t have anybody to support him the way they have each other. Adrienne pops over and Julie thinks it’s time to plan the memorial service. Jenn’s set against it. She cries that she needs time. They talk about the cruelty of losing Abigail and everyone sobs as Jennifer believes Abigail to be with Jack. Later, Jenn tells Lucas and Adrienne that she doesn’t think Thomas is safe with Chad but Lucas points out that Chad has always been good to Will. Doesn’t he deserve another chance? Jenn disagrees. Adrienne says they’ve decided to postpone the wedding but Jenn begs them not to. Julie and Doug tell Jenn that Martin House is officially sold and they’re with her full-time. She’s relieved. Julie recites Mary Elizabeth Frye’s poem, “Do not stand at my grave and weep.”

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Ciara, Theo and Claire return to the townhouse. Theo remembers all the fun he had with Abigail, who was one of the nicest people he has met. He asks Claire to sing, so she sings Amazing Grace and there’s a montage of Jennifer hugging her family and Chad crying and knocking off books from his bookshelf.

Belle finds Chad sobbing at the mansion. She comforts him and gives him strong coffee. What was he doing? “I was saying goodbye to Abby…” Belle finishes, “And that chair, and that table…” They laugh and he says it was cathartic. He made a decision. He wants Belle to be a part of his future. He wants an exorcism. Belle laughs. He wants to make DiMera Enterprises legit again with her legal help. She’ll consider it. She offers to help clean up.

Sonny and Gabi bring flowers to Will’s grave. This year has taught Sonny to protect those he loves since you don’t know when you’ll lose them.


Back at the townhouse, Theo leaves to get food and Claire brings up the awkwardness from her and Theo. Ciara’s uncomfortable so when Theo returns, she takes off.

In some unknown location, Abigail weeps in bed, alone.

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